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Video Interpreter Services

Video Interpreter Services - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Telehealth

UW Health Interpreter Services at UW Hospital and Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin, offers video interpretation for all of its patients. Patients can speak directly to an interpreter via an iPad stationed in inpatient rooms and outpatient clinical settings.


Requesting Video Interpretation Services

Patients may ask their doctors, nurses or any clinical staff member for language interpretation assistance (including sign language). If an interpreter is not available, or if Interpreter Services staff does not speak the language in need of interpretation, video interpretation services will be available.

How Video Interpretation Works

Video interpretation is accomplished via a portable iPad. Every UW Health clinic has access to the interpretation iPad, which is brought to patients upon request.

UW Health staff will set up the iPad and access the remote interpreter via the video stream. When the setup is complete, the patient can speak directly with the remote interpreter.

Patient Health Information Security

The video interpretation feed is transmitted via a secure, encrypted network connection, and the conversation between patient and interpreter is not saved after conclusion. All patient health information is secure.

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