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Implementing the Telemedicine Visit

Implementing the Telemedicine Visit - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Telehealth, Inmate Medicine: Telemedicine


Department of Corrections (DOC) Health Service Unit (HSU)

Before Visit

  1. DOC PA calls UW Clinic to schedule telemed. Records as a telemed appointment.
  2. DOC staff to follow up on pre-visit protocols for that clinic and the doctor's notes from previous visit-getting labs, etc.
  3. Fax/send any requested tests, allergies, meds, lab results to UW clinic. These should be recent results and updated information.
  4. Fax any forms requested for the inmate to fill out.
  5. Fax the Off-Site Request Form.
  6. Use the new Telemed fax cover sheet for telemedicine visits.

Telemed Visit

  1. Turn on equipment ahead of time even if patient is not there yet.
  2. Arrange for patient to be in the HSU area 15 minutes before the visit.
  3. Obtain vitals, ht, wt, etc. before the UW provider arrives.
  4. RN provides assistance with additional examination if requested by the UW provider.
  5. RN either stays for the visit or re-enters the exam room at the end of the visit.
  6. RN receives information and suggested recommendations from the UW provider.

After Visit

  1. HSU to receive Off-site Request Form that same day via fax from the UW clinic.
  2. HSU forwards recommendations to the DOC health provider.
  3. If DOC health provider changes recommendations, DOC health provider fills out "Change of Recommendations" form and HSU faxes back to UW clinic.

UW Clinical Staff

Before Visit

  1. Protocols are developed by diagnosis by UW clinic. UW health provider indicates tests, etc. needed in notes from previous visit.
  2. Clinic Assistant (CA) schedules appointment and identifies it as telemed.
  3. UW clinic verifies location of the inmate.
  4. Staff tracks for fax of Off-site Request Form, test results, etc. 1-3 days before telemed.
  5. Staff contacts HSU if information has not been received or located by the clinic.

Telemed Visit

  1. Staff assigned to assist UW provider and make the connection to the HSU.
  2. UW staff to make the connection before the time of the appointment unless doing back-to-back telemed visits. Staff may take down vitals, etc.
  3. Health provider will fill out recommendations on the Off-Site Request Form. Provider will indicate on form if next visit to be by telemed or in clinic.
  4. Health provider may review recommendations with DOC RN.
  5. Billing: Health Provider or assistant fills out encounter form. Next to visit type, the letters "GT" should be written in for the health provider to be paid at the telemedicine rate.
  6. Staff will fax back the Off-Site Request Form that day.

After Visit

  1. UW provider to dictate to HSU in a timely manner.
  2. UW staff may receive "Change of Recommendations" from the DOC HSU. This form will be forwarded to the UW provider and placed in the chart.