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Regional Services

Regional Services - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Regional Development

For more than 30 years regional services, delivered by University of Wisconsin Faculty Physicians and Providers, have supported community-based health care systems by providing specialty services in cities throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and the region, increasing local access to specialty services.

UW Health’s Regional Services Program supports the organization’s mission of service, scholarship, science and social responsibility by providing the best possible patient care experience, educating the next generation of health professionals, conducting research to discover the most promising ways to promote health and prevention and doing what is best for the communities we serve.


Patient Care and Treatment in the Region

Today, over 200 UW Health providers visit more than 40 communities in Wisconsin and Illinois, offering specialty clinical services in local healthcare centers. These clinics meet the diverse health needs within local communities by providing clinical services from a comprehensive array of specialties and subspecialties. Depending on the community’s need, clinics may be offered daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

Services provided in the regional specialty clinics are typically consultative. UW Health specialists supplement and support the care provided by local physicians and providers within the community. Regional specialty clinics utilize local medical and ancillary services when appropriate. Patients who need specialty hospitalization may be admitted to the local community hospital or University Hospital in Madison. Some specialties are able to and do offer local outpatient surgical procedures to their patients.

A comprehensive list of regional specialty services, including location, service and appointment phone numbers can be found at uwhealth.org/mycommunity or a printer friendly version is available under the Resources Tab.


In addition to patient care, UW Health providers also share their subspecialty expertise by providing educational opportunities for local health care professionals. For more information regarding educational opportunities in each region, please contact a Regional Services representative.


UW Health accepts most forms of insurance. If questions arise regarding a patient’s insurance coverage with a UW Health provider, please have the patient contact their insurance company directly.

In order to receive specialty care services, patients may also need a referral from a primary care physician. Patients should check with their primary care physicians to ensure that the proper procedures are followed.

For more information regarding the UW Health Regional Services Program contact the following:

Allison Henke, BSN, RN
Director of Regional Programs and Services

Lori Barto, BSN, RN
Regional Services Program Director

Jennifer van Doorn, MBA, MSN, RN
Clinic Nurse Manager, UW Health Specialty Clinic - Fort Atkinson and Watertown

Michel Messer, LPN
Clinic Nurse Manager, UW Health Specialty Clinic - Mauston

Kara Weiss, RN
Clinic Nurse Manager, UW Health Specialty Clinic - Sauk Prairie

Tia Bowen, MBA
Clinical Manager, UW Health Specialty Clinic - Portage

Lori Nellis, MSN, RN
Regional Pediatric Program Manager (Wisconsin)

Kristi Garrod
Regional Services Program Manager (Illinois - Adult and Pediatrics)

Leah Marshall
Regional Services Coordinator (Eastern Wisconsin - Adult)

Ashley Wenger
Regional Services Coordinator (Western Wisconsin - Adult)

Ashley Meir
Regional Services Program Specialist



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