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Regional Development is the entrepreneurial arm of UW Health and supports the organization's educational, patient care, research and regional services goals. Through Regional Development, a variety of programs are available to share the resources and expertise of UW Health with physicians, hospitals, allied health professionals and communities throughout Wisconsin and surrounding states.


Our programs include: 

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What is Management and Education Services for Healthcare (MESH)?

Management and Education Services for Healthcare (MESH) is a patient centered acuity classification and staffing system designed to define what makes each patient's care unique. The Web-based MESH software supports staffing based on patient acuity, census variability and desired staff skill mix while supporting Joint Commission staffing effectiveness standards. Learn more  

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Management and Education Services for Healthcare

UW Health - University Health Care, Inc.
301 S. Westfield Road, Suite 320
Madison, WI  53717
(608) 265-0123
(608) 263-3593 Fax


What services do physician liaisons offer?

The UW Health Physician Liaison program has a long history of working with medical professionals and their staff who refer patients to UW Health. Physician Liaisons work to ensure convenient access to hospital and clinic services, and continued communication with UW Health providers. 

The Physician Liaisons are available to:

Each physician liaison serves a unique territory as shown on the UW Health Physician Liaison Territories Map (pdf)

A listing of all Physician Liaisons are available on the above map, on the Provider Advocacy Directory listing or by contacting (608) 890-5793 or khefty@uwhealth.org.

What services do provider relations coordinators offer?

The Provider Relations Coordinator is a hospital-based advocate for referring providers, their staff, referral coordinators and health plan staff. The Provider Relations Coordinator is available to:

Contact Information: Provider Advocacy

Where can I find a list of regional specialty services?

Today, over 185 UW Health physicians and providers visit more than 30 communities in Wisconsin and Illinois, offering regional specialty services in local health care centers. These clinics meet the diverse health needs of their communities by providing clinical services from a comprehensive array of specialties and subspecialties. Depending on the community’s need, clinics may be offered daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

Regional Specialty Services Listed by Community


Phase 1 HealthLink Regional Sites


Management and Education Services for Healthcare (MESH)

University Health Care, Inc. (UHC)