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Internal Career Exploration

Internal Career Exploration - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Recruitment


If you are interested in exploring a career change within UW Health, our recruitment team has developed resources to assist you in finding the right jobs for you, and assisting you through the application and interview process.

All UW Health’s open positions are posted on www.uwhealth.org/careers. These jobs are updated daily and provide detailed job descriptions and qualifications for applicants. Directly from our online site you can create a profile and include your resume and apply online. Our team has created some Tips for Writing a Resume for you to use, as well as an Employee User Guide for assisting internal candidates through the application process.

Once you submit an application, your application is routed through to the recruitment team for further review. A detailed job application is available with information on how to monitor the status of your application

If and when it comes time for the interview, our team has drafted some interview tips to help you prepare for the different stages of the interview process. 


Interviewing Tips: Do's and Don'ts

Tips for Writing a Resume