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Quality Week 2016 Poster Fair

Quality Week 2016 Poster Fair - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Quality, Safety and Innovation (QSI), Quality and Safety Week 2017, Quality and Safety Week 2016


A Pilot to Introduce Pediatric Nephrology Transition Education During Clinic Appointments

Adult High-dose Methotrexate Optimization Through Preadmission Urine Alkalinization and Standardized Supportive Care

Advocating Appropriate Use of Antibiotics in the NICU, a VON iNICQ 2016 Collaboration

Bone Marrow Biopsy Quality Improvement Project: Operator Affects Biopsy Length, Simple Talk Intervention Creates Sustained Improvement in Length and Quality, Length and Needle Gauge Correlate

Code Stroke Door-to-Needle Time Reduction: Stroke Pharmacist Alteplase (tPA) Preparation

Establishing an Ambulatory RN workflow for Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection (CLABSI) prevention in Pediatric Specialty Clinics

From Pilot to Policy: Implementation of a Pediatric Rapid Response Team Using Kotter’s Model for Change 

Improvement of Chronic Graft-vs-Host Disease Assessment Through New BMT Aftercare Project

Improvement of STAT Medication Turnaround Time at Multi-hospital Academic Medical Center

Improving Documentation Accuracy – Patient Resources Complex Case Management (CCM)

Improving Medication Management Through Implementation and Expansion of Primary Care Pharmacist Services

Improving STEMI Patient Transfer from UW at The American Center to University Hospital

In-hospital Triage of STEMI Patients Results in Favorable Clinical Outcomes and Reduced ICU and Overall Hospital Length of Stay

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) “Feed & Bundle”: Continued Evaluation of Process and Plan for Improvement

Minimizing Alarm Fatigue in the Universal Care Unit

Pediatric Sedation Videos Enhance Caregiver’s Knowledge Prior to a Sedation Procedure

Pediatric Specialty Clinic’s Plan to Increase the Number of Certified Nurses in Direct Patient Care

Pharmacist Discharge Medication Reconciliation Practice Standardization: Multicenter Study of Impact on Readmissions

Prospective Multi-center Observational Study of Extubation Failure after Neonatal Cardiac Surgery

Requesting a Central Venous Access Device: Integrating Health Link to Improve Care Coordination

Standardization of the Nursing Assistant Practice/Expectations of Care on a Pediatric Medical/Surgical Unit

The Cost Effectiveness and Utility of a “Quick MRI” Abdomen for the Evaluation of Intraabdominal Abscess after Acute Appendicitis in Children

Transitions of Care: Pharmacist Referral Optimization and Measurement of Prevented Medication-related Acute Care Episodes (MACES)

Utilizing Technology for Improved Resource Allocation for Eating Disordered Patients