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Electromyogram and Nerve Conduction Study Lab

Electromyogram and Nerve Conduction Study Lab - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Neurology and Neurosurgery



EMG/NCS studies evaluate the integrity and functioning of the peripheral nervous system by assessing the health of muscles, the nerves controlling the muscles and the junction between a nerve and a muscle. The study helps the referring doctor decide on the cause of symptoms and plan the best treatment for the patient. 

The EMG/NCS Laboratory performs procedures from routine nerve conduction studies and electromyography to more complex electrodiagnostics such as neuromuscular junction testing, single fiber EMG, laryngeal EMG, autonomic studies and movement disorder analysis. Patients of all ages are referred to the EMG/NCS Laboratory for a wide variety of reasons. We perform outpatient testing in the lab and conduct inpatient testing at the patient's bedside. 

We specialize in evaluation of ALS, anterior horn cell disease, spinal muscle atrophy, polio, muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, myopathy, neuropathies, radiculopathies, plexopathies and cranial nerve disorders.

There are five doctors who practice at the EMG/NCS Laboratory located at the CSC. Dr. Barend Lotz, Dr. Andrew Waclawik, Dr. Brad Beinlich and Dr. Jenny Liao are all neurologists with an interest in neuromuscular diseases and Dr. Bonnie Weigert is a specialist within rehabilitative medicine. 

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Outpatient Scheduling

To schedule an EMG, either the referring clinic or patient may call (608) 263-7247. No special referral or form is required; only a doctor referring is needed.  Please call to schedule an appointment. There is no special preparation for the test. 

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Electromyogram and Nerve Conduction Study


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