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An EEG records the electrical activity of the brain. Highly-sensitive monitoring equipment records the activity through electrodes that are glued to the patient’s scalp. 

Through this painless test, physicians are able to diagnose a variety of neurological problems, from common headaches and dizziness to seizure disorders, strokes and degenerative brain disease and even aid in the declaration of brain death. 

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Most of the seven EEG technologists working in the lab attended a two-year END (Electroneurodiagnostic) program, offered by Western Technical College in La Crosse. This is one of only 11 accredited END programs in the nation. Upon successful completion of an EEG (END) program, the technologists were eligible to sit for the American Board of Registered EEG Technologists examination that consists of both written and oral evaluations. In addition to each being Registered EEG Technologists, some also went on to acquire further registrations/certifications for the field. 

Two monitor technicians, both CNAs, who work at night are also part of the department. They are trained to identify seizures, maintain technical equipment and are an extra set of eyes for patient safety when patients are admitted for continuous video EEG, or for ICU patients on continuous bedside EEG monitoring. 

Together, the department has a combined total of over 100 years of service with UWHC; several individuals having been employees here, in the same department, for over 20 years. The EEG Lab is only one of a handful of EEG departments in the nation with this kind of experience, expertise and commitment to quality patient care. 

Information and Outpatient Scheduling

To schedule an EEG, please call (608) 263-8483. Clinics or patients may call to schedule an appointment after referred by a primary physician. No special referral or form is required; only a primary physician referral is needed. 


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