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Information is the lifeblood of any organization. When accurate, accessible information isn’t available, rumors abound and trust evaporates, especially in a constantly changing industry such as health care. The role of the UW Health corporate communications team is to ensure a strong program of internal communication that keeps information flowing and helps to engage everyone behind our shared priorities. Our goal is to help build and strengthen the UW Health brand from the inside out and to foster a spirit of teamwork and pride in what our organization stands for.

Corporate team members work with UW Health leaders to communicate priorities, manage change and tell the stories of how those at the front lines are achieving our mission, vision, values and strategic goals. Our toolbox includes corporate email, e-newsletters, U-Connect, video, social media and e-signage.

Working with colleagues in many departments, corporate communicators also help ensure staff and physicians have the information they need to take advantage of the many benefits, perks and educational opportunities available within UW Health. And when crisis communication is needed, the corporate team plays a key role to maintain the timely flow of accurate information within the organization.

If you have an idea or information that needs sharing, call on us to help shape your message and identify the right tools to reach your intended audience.