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The purpose of the Position Control Committee is to add the appropriate levels of scrutiny, accountability and oversight to our ongoing assessment of staffing needs and to ensure that UW Health continues to provide exceptional care, generate positive margins to fund facilities and equipment, and to provide the essential resources to facilitate investments in new and life-saving technology and programs.

As part of the new Position Control Committee process, each vacancy, new position and all FTE increases will need to be approved by all levels of the departmental leadership to ensure comprehensive analysis and support prior to being reviewed by the Position Control Committee. The exceptions to this are the NP, PA, CNM, Optometrist, Mental Health Clinician, Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Health Clinician positions which currently have a rigorous review process that remain in place.

UW Health Shared Employee

This document is used to detail cost sharing between departments at the time of hire or when cost sharing becomes effective or ends. Follow the instructions in the document and submit to UWHC and UWMF finance.

Faculty and Non-Physician Provider FTE Requirements

All new and replacement faculty and non-physician provider FTE requests require review and approval by the joint Workforce Planning Committee or the Non-Physician Provider Workforce Planning Committee.

Joint Workforce Planning

The following roles and position types will be reviewed on a biennial frequency by the Joint Faculty Workforce Planning and Non-Physician Provider Workforce Planning Committees. 

Role Position Type Forms
MD New and Replacement  
PhD New and Replacement  
Clinical Anesthetist (CRNA/AA) New and Replacement  
Neuropsychologists New and Replacement  
Other Behavioral Health Faculty New and Replacement  
NP/PA/CNM New Positions Only
Optometrists New Positions Only

Behavioral Health Non Physician Providers: 

  • Behavioral Health Clinician
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Mental Health Clinician
New Positions Only


Non-Physician Provider Workforce Planning

The Non-Physician Provider Workforce Planning Committee will continue to meet on a routine basis to review all non-physician provider replacement and FTE change requests.

Role Position Type Forms

Behavioral Health Non-Physician Providers:

  • Behavioral Health Clinician
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Mental Health Clinician


Behavioral Health Non-Physician Providers

  • Behavioral Health Clinician
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Mental Health Clinician
FTE Changes
NP/PA/CNM - Specialty Care Replacement
NP/PA - Primary Care Replacement
Optometrists Replacement and FTE Changes