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Common Abbreviations

Common Abbreviations - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Health Information Management, HIM File Room/Document Imaging



Action 2000 is the computer system used by UW Hospital and Clinics.*

* This system was deactivated in January 2011.

CHB Chart Home Base
CSC Clinical Sciences Center (main UW Hospital building on Highland Drive)
EFC Electronic File Cabinet
EMR Electronic Medical Record
EX Excelsior Drive File Room - located at 8501 Excelsior Drive
HB Home Base
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a law that safeguards health care information
HIM Health Information Management - the formal title of the medical records department
HL Health Link
LE Loose Element - medical record document received separate from the patient's chart
LMR Legal Medical Record
MR  Medical Record
MR# Medical Record Number
MRN Medical Record Number
OCF Patient's complete chart folder that contains all medical information
RQ Record Quality - refers to the section of HIM that works at the hospital site
ROI Release of Information
SRC State Record Center - the location where inactive charts are stored



UW’s prior EMR system that has been converted to Health Link.