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The medical files areas of the Health Information Management department are committed to providing a complete, orderly, and consistent Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in a timely manner to ensure prompt, efficient patient care.


New Hours for HIM Document Imaging

Effective September 11, 2017, HIM Document Imaging's hours are changing to 7am - 5pm Monday-Friday. For stat indexing Monday - Friday between 4:45 - 8pm, please email HIM - STAT Request-UWH, hiseastfile@uwhealth.org with the batch number to be indexed or if the document was faxed to HIM, please list the fax number used. Stat indexing is defined as anything needed before 8am Monday-Friday. For urgent needs outside of these hours, page the HIM Supervisor on-call at 1270.

Please contact Terrie Senty at (608) 203-4596 with any questions.

HIM Paper Charts

Document Imaging



Help, my patient's MR number is gone in Health Link - what do I do?

In the Name/MRN: search field in Health Link type PRV. and the MR number.  For example, search for MR 2484221, Health Link will state "a matching patient was not found". Type PRV.2484221 and you will be taken to the active MR number 2561667.

How do I destroy/discard CD's with confidential patient information?

CDs are to be kept out of the confidential paper waste stream. If you have non-paper items that are confidential and need to be destroyed, please call environmental services (608)263-8051 or Tom Peck, director, (608) 263-6482. Environmental services will arrange for materials to be picked up for separate destruction by our bonded contractor.

How do I purge sub-charts or shadow charts?

If purging more than 50 sub-charts or shadow charts, please contact the Excelsior File Room at (608) 203-4605. 

Sub-Charts and shadow charts must be prepared as follows:

How do I request charts for an audit, review or research project?

If requesting 20 or more charts, please contact the file room, (608) 203-4605, to arrange for chart order. 

When ordering charts, please provide the following information:

Excelsior staff will order the charts and arrange to have the requested charts pulled and delivered to the requesting location. (Please note, the location must be considered a secure location.) 

Charts may be ordered by the borrower through Health Link.  Requesting charts correctly – including the date of service needed in the Comments Field – helps us pull the correct volumes.

How do I request or change my ability to order medical records?

Complete a Computer Systems Authorization Request.

How do I search for a MR number in Health Link that has disappeared?

In the Name/MRN: search field in Health Link type PRV. and the MR number.  For example, search for MR 2484221, Health Link will state "a matching patient was not found". Type PRV.2484221 and you will be taken to the active MR number 2561667.

How long does it take for loose elements to be filed in medical records?

All loose elements are filed within 72 hours of receipt at the home base file room.

How long should I wait before reordering a patient's chart?

Three working days.

How quickly can immediate (emergent) patient care charts be moved to the CSC?

The Health Information Management File Room has a process in place to deliver the chart within one hour of a telephonic request (for admissions, OR, FDS or ER services only). 

If information is needed immediately from the chart, we will fax the required information to the requestor.

I discovered that the death indicator for a patient is wrong. What should I do?

Contact UWMF at (608) 829-5281.

I have just requested a patient's chart. When will I receive it?

All requests for patient charts are pulled and delivered within 24 hours of request and are sent via UWHC transportation service from the chart home base location. 

Please note the following:

Non-patient care requests 

Non-patient care requests should be ordered a minimum of three working days ahead. For example, if today is 3/1/XX, the chart should be ordered for 3/4/XX.

What can I do to ensure documentation is available in the patient’s chart in a timely manner?

Please include the following information on each approved document:

Please do not send duplicate documentation or documentation printed from the Health Link system.

What do I do if I have requested a patient chart, but I don't receive the volume of the chart with the information I need?

If you need additional volumes, please call UWHC Excelsior Medical Files at (608) 203-4605.

What do I do if I've requested a patient's chart several times but haven't received it?

Please call UWHC Excelsior Medical Files at (608) 203-4605. 

Please note:

What happens when Health Information Management (HIM) declares a medical record chart as missing?

Following specific procedures, all attempts to locate the missing chart are documented. A "temporary" chart is created for all charts not located after six months.

What is a rush (emergent) chart?

A rush chart is a chart that is needed for patient care in less than two hours, or a chart needed for any admissions for that day.

What is an urgent chart?

An urgent chart is one that is needed for patient care that same day.

Where can I conduct research or review of medical records?

The Excelsior File Room has a nicely appointed Research Room located on the 2nd floor of 8501 Excelsior Drive:

Please phone (608) 203-4605 to arrange research time.

Who do I contact if I need a chart drop-off or pick-up location changed?

Please call UWHC Excelsior Medical Files at (608) 203-4605.

Who do I contact if I need paperclips, plastic card holders, binder (black) clips, or out-guides?

Please call UWHC Excelsior Medical Files at (608) 203-4605.