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Duplicate Records and Notifying for Merge

Duplicate Records and Notifying for Merge - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Health Information Management, EMPI/Identity



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When discovering a duplicate record in the Health Link system, users can notify the EMPI/Identity group through the Health Link process "Mark for Merge" or using an email notification (listed below).

After reviewing the notification and validating that the records are a duplicate, the EMPI/Identity analyst will merge the two medical record numbers in the HL system by combining all the information that is found under both records into one number. When HL merge is complete, the analyst will notify all ancillary systems of the change to ensure any additional updates are finalized.

Mark for Merge




How do I search for a medical record number in Health Link that has disappeared?

Health Link has searching capabilities that allow for searches of previous medical record numbers. This search will allow users to find previous medical record numbers that seem to have disappeared due to merging process.

In the Name/MRN search field in Health Link, type PRV. (PRV plus a period) and the MRN; this will locate the active MRN that your previous number has been merged into.

Example: if you search MRN 2484221, HL will state “a matching patient was not found.” Type PRV.2484221 and you will be able to access the active MRN of 2561667.

I see an FYI of type HIM Chart Alert that prevents me from seeing anything in the record. How do I get into patient record?

This is a chart alert that is placed on several records to notify staff of pertinent information about a patient that has a duplicate record or an overlay issue the EMPI/Identity group is working on. This alert is just a notification; all staff can close this alert and continue charting/recording information by selecting the “close X” box in the upper right corner, or clicking anywhere on the left side bar of your Health Link screen.