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Health and Nutrition Education - Departments & Programs, UW Health

The Health and Nutrition staff members are registered nurses and registered dietitians with expertise in a wide variety of diabetes and nutrition topics. The providers are supported by an on-site clinic manager and support staff.


The Health and Nutrition team provides practical and reliable advice to teach our patients about specific health issues, answer their food and nutrition questions, help them create plans for lifestyle changes and provide continued guidance in adopting these changes. Education is provided in small group classes or one hour individual appointments. The appointments provide time for patients to discuss specific diabetes or nutrition issues in a private, comfortable and supportive setting.


Does a patient need a referral to be seen at the Health and Nutrition Education?

Patients will need a referral from a UW Health provider for diabetes education or nutrition education, whichever they are being seen for. Patients should always check with their individual insurance plan to see if the visit will be covered before the appointment.

How do patients schedule an appointment with Health and Nutrition Education department?

To schedule an appointment at any of our eighteen locations, please call our scheduling office at (608) 287-2770. You can also visit uwhealth.org for more information and to register for some of our specialty classes.

How long is the patients’ Health and Nutrition Education appointment going to take?

Individual appointments are typically scheduled for one-hour. Our classes are approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Is a patient’s Health and Nutrition Education appointment covered by their insurance?

Coverage depends upon the reason for visit and the specific policy coverage you have. Please have patient call the phone number on the back of their insurance card to verify coverage.

Where do patient’s register for Health Education individual or group classes.

Individual appointments and classes for all locations can be scheduled by calling (608) 287-2770. Some classes require online registration and can be found at UWhealth.org

Where is the Health and Nutrition Education Department located?

We currently have providers at many UW Health clinic locations in Madison and the surrounding areas. The main scheduling office is located at 20 S. Park Street at (608) 287-2770.


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