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Viewing and Exporting PACS Images With MIView11

Viewing and Exporting PACS Images With MIView11 - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Enterprise Imaging (PACS)



As part of the UW Health's PACS system upgrade, a new program was made available for use in faculty offices and on department supported home PCs that provides the ability to export images for presentations or papers. 

Compliance with all HIPAA requirements is the responsibility of each user (note all image access is tracked). UW Health's PACS team supports the servers for this application and has provided training for departmental computer support personnel. Support for home and office PCs and installation of the program on these systems is provided by the individual's department computer support staff (as UW Health PACS staff does not have control over nor administrative rights to departmental PCs). 

NOTE: To do the initial installation of these programs you must have administrator privileges on the PC. 

System availability

Once you select the patient/exam you want to view you can export images using the disk icon (shown below). 

 Screenshot of how to download from MIView11

The icon immediately to the right of the disk allows users to copy to clipboard and the icon two to the right of the disk allows users to change image compression level to accommodate lower speed connections. 


Full documentation is available at

Note that the HRS 11D (formerly WebGX) application is also available in the same manner at https://remotepacs.hosp.wisc.edu/hrs or http://remotepacs.hosp.wisc.edu/hrs.