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Emily RodriguezThe Employee Advisory Council has given me the opportunity to meet some great employees that I normally would not have the chance to interact with. I have worked for UW Health for ten years, and being on the Council has taught me so much more about our organization. I have learned to appreciate other departments that I was previously unfamiliar with, and I now have an even deeper respect for what our various employees due. Most importantly, I feel that it has given me a chance to voice my concerns and opinions outside of my department, and I have even seen positive results from doing so. I look forward to attending the Employee Advisory Council every month, and would encourage anyone who is looking to be more involved with our organization to apply!

- Emily Rodriguez

Troy SmithI joined the UW Health Employe Advisory Council to learn more about UW Health and have been surprised by how much I have learned. I would say that anyone thinking about joining the council should this is a great environment to learn about yourself, the organization and meet people you would never cross paths with. I’m glad to part of this council and a UW health employee!

- Troy Smith

Amanda VermeulenAlthough I have only been a member of the Employee Advisory Council for 7 months (of a 2 year commitment), it has been a truly engaging and educational experience. I am part of several smaller teams in my role as a Child Life Specialist at the American Family Children’s Hospital, but feel so much more integrated in the UW-Health experience through my participation on the council. Once a month, I learn about the innovation and dedication happening throughout the organization and have enjoyed the responsibility of sharing this information with colleagues. I feel that I am making an impact toward the vision and future of UW-Health while being able to represent my department as well as patients and families. I would encourage anyone who is open to learning from the expertise and diversity of teammates to participate in the Employee Advisory Council.

- Amanda Vermeulen

Employee Advisory Council allowed me to see a broader view of the organization on multiple levels. First, I was able to connect with others across the organization and start to hear their perspectives and daily experiences. This helped me to see beyond my own department and understand UW Health better overall. Second, I was also able to connect and give input on changes that were happening in the organization. This helped me to start thinking more strategically about where the organization was and where it was headed. All of these broader perspectives helped me to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the complexity of the organization. Being able to see everything from a different angle deepened my appreciation and pride in UW Health and what we mean to the community.

- Erin Lavery