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UW Health has developed a newly integrated process for resignations and terminations. Some important things to note:

  1. Employees who voluntarily leave their position should provide their notice to their respective supervisor/manager in line with UW Health Policy and/or department guidelines/policies.
  2. As soon as a supervisor/manager has received an employee’s voluntary resignation/termination, confirmation and acceptance of the voluntary resignation/termination should be completed via ServiceNow.
  3. After the supervisor/manager completes the resignation/termination form in ServiceNow, automated notifications will be sent to various organization stakeholders.  These notifications also include an email sent to the resigning employee to confirm their resignation has been accepted and to provide additional important information.

There are many benefits to the newly integrated process:

  1. The integrated process will reduce errors and security risks while improving data collection.
  2. The data collected through ServiceNow entry and the online exit interview will aid in turnover action planning and identifying areas that may need assistance with improving turnover trends.
  3. Forms built in ServiceNow make the process streamlined and more efficient. For instance, much of the information about an employee’s primary appointment will be populated via PeopleSoft.
  4. Resignation/Termination Reason Codes better reflect the reasons why employees are leaving their current position.

In addition to the resignation/termination procedure, part of the integrated process for resignations/terminations is a redesigned exit survey. This exit survey is sent to all employees who have voluntarily left their position as well as after an employee accepts a new internal transfer opportunity. Exit Survey Information

For Managers: More information can be found in the Manager's Toolkit'