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Exit Survey Information

Exit Survey Information - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Employee Relations


Exit interviews provide UW Health the opportunity to collect feedback from employees on their experiences working for the organization. Completion of these surveys assist UW Health with identifying common themes and to ensure we are continually focused on providing the best academic and healthcare workplace for our current and future employees. 

Employees will have an opportunity to participate in providing feedback through an online exit survey prior to their last day of employment with UW Health as well as prior to their last day when transferring to another position/department within UW Health. In order to participate, once an employee’s resignation/termination/transfer is approved and submitted, an automated notification will be sent out to the employee’s UW Health email address which includes a link to an exit survey. When completing the online survey, employees will have the ability to request additional follow-up if desired as well.  


I received the exit survey invite through email and forwarded to my personal email address to complete from home. Why can’t I complete the survey this way?

The survey system being used for the exit interview is MachForms. This system was chosen for it’s security feature/encryption which will ensure the data collected can be as secure as possible. At this point, the survey can only be accessed from the UW Health Network however future updates to MachForms will hopefully lend to external ability to access the survey.

Since I am not able to complete the exit interview survey from home, when and where can I complete it?

You should contact your supervisor / manager to ask for their assistance in providing time and a space to complete the survey. If operationally feasible, they may be able to provide you time while working to complete the survey.

The survey requires that I provide my employee ID, however it also says it is anonymous. How can the survey be anonymous given I’m providing my employee ID?

The responses you provide are reviewed and used to develop themes regarding the reasons employees are leaving their position/the organization. While you are required to provide your employee ID, it is solely used to ensure data is appropriately collected and sorted.

Who collects, reviews, sorts and disseminates information collected from the exit interview survey?

Select individuals within Human Resources will be responsible for this.

Who can I contact if I didn’t receive an exit interview survey invite and would like to complete an exit interview?

You can contact the HR Service Center at (608) 263-6500 or create an Ask HR case in ServiceNow.

How can I request a more personalized exit interview?

At the end of the online survey, you will have the option to request additional follow-up from Payroll, Benefits, Employee Relations, etc.