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Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Employee Relations


Due to the Wisconsin Caregiver law, UW Health requires that all of its employees complete an initial criminal background check and recertifies that check every four years. We are in the process of recertifying many employees. If you need a copy of the form we recently requested you to complete, please find a copy of the form

Background check forms can be submitted to Human Resources by any of the means listed below:

UW Health is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for patients, families, visitors and employees. To that end, UW Health is required by law to complete caregiver background checks on all new hires, volunteers, contractors, students, and agency personnel, and to complete a renewal background check every four years after.

Human Resources completes the required background checks. Any information on arrests or convictions will be reviewed consistent with state law. The final decision regarding someone’s ability to work or train at UW Health will be made by the Director of Human Resources or his/her designee. All background check documents
will be maintained in the Human Resources department in confidential files separate from the personnel files.

All employees have an ongoing obligation to report any new arrests or convictions as they occur to their manager or to Human Resources.

Caregiver Background Checks

* Effective January 2017 Legacy Medical Foundation will align with the four year recertification