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As an occupational health resource for UW Health employees, we at Employee Health Service (EHS) are here to help you meet your work-related health needs.

Some of the services we provide include: 

EHS is open Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm. We are located at 700 University Bay Drive, Suite 101, Madison, WI 53705.



Our staff includes a physician Medical Director, Advanced Practice Providers, Registered Nurses, and support staff.


Where can UW Health employee get copies of their employee health record?

Please email Employee Health at hremployeehealth@uwhealth.org with your request. Please expect to receive your records within 2-3 business days.

Are there walk-in hours for TB skin tests and other Employee Health visits?

TB skin tests are done on a walk-in basis during our business hours. On Thursdays, TB skin tests are only placed if the TB skin test can be read on Saturday or Sunday by a qualified reader.

For all other Employee Health visits, we prefer you make an appointment. This will reduce your waiting time. Please call (608) 263-7535 to make an appointment.

How often do I have to have a TB skin test?

All UW Health employees are required to have a two-step TB skin test upon hire. After the initial screening, the TB screening requirements depend on your role in UW Health and your work location's risk category.

Where and how do I get refit tested for a N95 respirator?

You can get refit tested for a N95 respirator at Employee Health Services located at 700 University Bay Drive Suite 101. Usually managers request TB mask fittings, and employees can come at any time for their fittings.

If Employee Health Service is closed, can I just go to the hospital's Emergency Department?

That depends. When Employee Health Service is closed, referral to the Emergency Department (ED) should be limited to urgent/emergent work-related injuries or life-threatening symptoms (chest pain, etc.). Use of the ED for non-urgent situations because EHS is closed (clearance to return to work, non-urgent symptoms that may or may not be work-related) will be at the expense of the employee or the department that inappropriately refers an employee to the ED.

What should I do if I'm injured on the job?

Report the injury to your supervisor. Complete the online Accident Report that can be found on the Employee Health Services (EHS) webpage or searching UConnect. Call EHS to discuss the injury and determine appropriate care at (608)263-7535. If you need emergency care, you will be directed to go to the hospital’s Emergency Department. You also can be seen by your own primary care provider. If you have questions about what to do, please call Employee Health at (608) 263-7535.

For more information, please refer to UWHC Policy 9.17: Workers Compensation.

If I am off work for five or more consecutive calendar days due to illness or injury, do I need to see someone in Employee Health Service before returning to work?

Whether or not you need clearance from Employee Health Services (EHS) depends on several factors. Please call EHS at (608) 263-7535 to discuss further. For details, please refer to UWHC Policy 9.22, Fitness for Duty: Health Service Clearance to Return to Work/Continue Working.

I am experiencing physical discomfort while at my work station. How can UW Health employees get an ergonomic workspace assessment?

Using ServiceNow, submit an Ergonomic Workstation Self-Assessment under the Employee Health Services bucket.

What should I do if I’m exposed to someone else’s blood or body fluid?

Immediately perform first aid on yourself and then call Employee Health Services at (608) 263-7535 or page at 2311. If EHS is closed, please follow your locations after hours procedure for blood or body fluid exposures.

For more information, please refer to UWHC Policy 9.28: Management of Biohazardous Injuries.

What should I do if I'm exposed to a communicable disease?

Contact the Infection Control Practitioner on call 24/7 through paging.

For more information, refer to UW Health Clinical Policy 4.1.6 Communicable Disease Exposure Response.



Accident/Illness Report (Manager) (UWMF)

Annual History of a Positive TB Screening Questionnaire

Annual Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Accident/Illness Report (Employee) (UWMF)



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