Departments & Programs,UW Health,Digestive Health Center Facility

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Digestive Health Center Facility


  1. Physicians and staff partner with patients and their families in their care and create an environment where they always feel welcomed, safe and respected. Information sharing with patients and families is a high priority.
  2. The Digestive Health Center (DHC) is a professionally satisfying and joyful workplace that values all members of the health care team.
  3. Multi-disciplinary experts at the center engage in research and continually explore and disseminate innovative approaches to digestive health evaluation and management within our system and beyond.
  4. Digestive health services are provided by the region’s most experienced researchers, physicians, surgeons and nurses who utilize a multi-disciplinary, team-based approach, partnering with patients and families to promote optimal patient health.
  5. Patients have convenient and timely access to digestive health services.
  6. Advanced, cost effective technology is utilized, leading to optimal health outcomes, satisfaction, efficiency and access.
  7. Leaders, care teams and patients and families are engaged in data driven decision-making and continuous improvement of systems and processes resulting in efficiencies in time and cost.
  8. Communication with referring physicians is responsive, timely and comprehensive.
  9. The DHC is designed and maintained using strategies that promote environmental sustainability and stewardship of resources.
  10. The DHC health care team accommodates, educates, guides and supports the professional and clinical development of the next generation of digestive health professionals.