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UW Health Lowest Regular Rate

UW Health Lowest Regular Rate - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Compensation


UW Health Lowest Regular Rate

UW Health’s lowest regular rate of pay is $15.00/hour for regular employees.

This wage is consistent with UW Health’s strategic goal to be healthcare’s best work environment and to make good business decisions that support a stable and effective work force.

Employees making the lowest regular rate of pay will continue to be eligible for a pay increase during the annual review process up to the maximum of the pay grade for their position.  If an employee making the lowest regular rate of pay moves to a job in a higher pay grade, their starting wage in the new job will be based on their relevant professional experience and other qualifications, which may or may not result in a pay increase.

The lowest regular rate will create some pay compression between employees with different experience or skill levels paid at the same $15.00/hour rate.  Although pay compression will result, other benefits of greater skill or experience are still applicable.  For example,

The “Lowest Regular Rate” does not apply to temporary employees, student help, or those participating in special employment programs.