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Completed job descriptions are now available in one location for all UW Health employees. Employees and Managers are able to access the job descriptions by following the How to Locate My Descriptions link below. It is important to read through the directions prior to accessing the job description webpage.

For Managers: If you need to make any changes to an existing job description or will be creating a new job description, please see additional information located in the Manager's Toolkit.

As we are working to finalize all job descriptions, there are some that may not be available out here at this time. Please check back periodically as job descriptions will be added often.


I am a supervisor and I need to make changes to an existing job description.

Communicate all job description revisions to Human Resources either by modifying the description directly in the electronic word document or by sending an e-mail outlining the changes to your Compensation Analyst. Compensation will review the changes and coordinate updating the description on the job description webpage.

I am a supervisor and the job description I am looking for is missing.

Please contact your Compensation Analyst. Not all job descriptions are posted at this time and some are incomplete. You can use the job description template to develop a job description for a new role.

The job description for my position is missing.

Clarify with your manager the official title and job code of your position. If you are sure that the corresponding description for your job title and job code is missing, please inform your manager and they will work with Compensation for next steps.