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  • Juli Aulik, Director, Community Relations
  • Annie Bockhop, Community Relations and Diversity Coordinator


UW Health’s community relations program collaborates with internal and external partners to help achieve our social responsibility mission.

Contributions and Sponsorships

UW Health provides donations and sponsorships to hundreds of organizations each year. Community relations manages many of these using our UW Health contributions and sponsorships guidelines. If you have an inquiry about donations or sponsorships, please review the guidelines and contact us in writing.

See organizations supported by UW Health from all sources.

As part of this process, community relations manages our attendance at community events including walks, runs, and other large-team events. If you are interested in becoming a team captain or otherwise getting involved, please let us know.

In addition, the community relations team supports employee-directed giving at UW Health.

Community Benefit Reporting

Each year, UW Health managers and above report a wide variety of information about the work we do that qualifies as a community benefit. This is generally activity for which we do not get paid from an outside source. Review our total community benefit

Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Relations collaborates with Population Health on UW Health's community health needs assessment process in collaboration with internal and external partners. Learn more at uwhealth.org and visit our collaborative Healthy Dane page at www.healthydane.org.

Community Health Improvement Collaboration

Community relations collaborates with the Program Director of Community Health Improvement and the Chief Diversity Officer on a variety of community activities and initiatives. To illustrate our work, please see the .

Community Service Award

With colleagues in human resources and our executive leaders, community relations helps manage the annual UW Health community service award. Applications are generally accepted during the month of July. See past Community Service Award winners

Annual Drives

Community relations manages several of the internal drives that UW Health participates in to support our community.  They include:


Community relations triages tour and visit requests from community organizations. In general, UW Health does not offer tours. We direct inquiries to programs that are equipped and willing to host visitors, primarily MedFlight and the Simulation Center.  Both MedFlight and the Simulation Center have online forms for inquiries: 


The community relations director manages UW Health policy 1.43 regarding permitted and not-permitted solicitations and advises generally on the topic across UW Health. Many questions are answered in the policy itself but please contact us for approvals or questions.


Guidelines and Policies

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Community Event Participation: Senior Leaders


Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Service Award

Financial Support and Serving Community Needs

Healthy Dane