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Coding and Charge Capture

Coding and Charge Capture - Departments & Programs, UW Health

The Coding and Charge Capture department works together to supervise the float coding pool, coding education and charge entry for most providers.


Contact information

Coding and Charge Email: pbscoding@uwmf.wisc.edu.


The Coding department is responsible for managing the float coding pool, coding education and supervision of the Immediate Care and Community Clinics coders. This team also provides coding assistance associated with certain UWMF-managed clinic services such as lab, podiatry and health education. Jody McClain is the manager for this department. She may be reached at (608) 828-1801. Other functions provided by this department are:

Charge Capture and Charge Corrections

The Charge Capture Team is responsible for entering charges timely and accurately for most UWMF providers. Only the former UCC sites, DFM sites, some charges for the Departments of Pediatrics, Anesthesiology and Surgery are entered within those departments or locations. Some charges enter the billing system electronically. This includes lab and radiology performed at UWMF sites, and Phase 3 EpicCare sites.

The Charge Correction Team voids and reposts charges submitted or entered in error. Staff authorized to request charge corrections should submit the correction request to the Charge Correction Team using the Professional Billing Charge Corrections link on the Epic home page. Marie Dichoso is the supervisor of both teams and may be reached at (608) 828-1845.



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