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UW Health Intellectual Property - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Center for Clinical Knowledge Management (CCKM)


At UW Health, we respect the unique work that our physicians and clinical staff have put into providing unique patient care. Much of the work that we have done specifically related to the Health Link content build may be intellectual property or proprietary information. To protect this work, we have put into place a request process for reviewing whether anything requested by an outside organization or clinician is intellectual property before we permit you to share this information. 

We have defined this as "Anything that is based on how we uniquely deliver patient care that could be implemented in other Epic customers or other EMR's." 

To initiate a review of any requests you receive for sharing of information with external organizations, please complete the Request for Sharing of UW Health Intellectual Property Form

The request will be reviewed by the Center for Clinical Knowledge Management (CCKM) with input from the Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs and Director of Nursing Informatics, relevant service line leaders, physician leaders and other key stakeholders. After this review, we will let the requestor know of the outcome. 

*PLEASE DO NOT SHARE CONTENT until the request has gone thru this review. 

If you have created other types of content that is not related to Health Link or applicable to other EMRs and would like a review to determine if this is intellectual property that UW Health would like to maintain ownership, you can contact CCKM at cckm@uwhealth.org

View the Process Map of the Request and Approval Process 


Intellectual Property Request for Sharing Form


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