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Project Log

Project Log - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Center for Clinical Knowledge Management (CCKM), Technology Assessment Committee for Medical Devices (UW Health)


These are technologies that have been reviewed by the committee – if you have any questions or need further information about the outcomes, please contact Aimee Arnoldussen (aarnoldussen@uwhealth.org).

TitleReview DateTA Outcome
64-Slice CT Scanner Feb-04 Endorsed
AbThera Open Abdomen Negative Pressure System Mar-11 Endorsed
AbThera TUE May-14 No further monitoring
Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASIR) Jan-10 Endorsed
AFCH MRI Compatible Incubator Feb-13 Deferrred
AFCH MRI Compatible Incubator and coils Jan/Feb-14 Deferred
Alair Bronchial Thermoplasty Feb-14 Deferred
Alair Bronchial Thermoplasty Jan-15 Approved
Alair System Sep-10 Deferred
Alair System Jun-12 Deferred
Alair System Jan-13 Deferred
AngioVac Sept-13 Endorsed
Anti-infective Central Venous Catheters Nov-09 Endorsed
Anti-Xa Heparin Monitoring Dec-09 Endorsed
Apollo Suction for Neurosurgery Oct-14 Approved
Aquadex FlexFlow Fluid Removal System Jan-08 Deferred
ARCADIS Orbic 3D C-Arm Jul-05 Endorsed
Blood Bank Automation Feb-07 Endorsed
Blue Light Cystoscopy Feb-14 Approved
CardioHelp March-14 Approved
Carticel April-13 Rejected
Cellvizio Feb-15 Deferred
Cellvizio Endomicroscopy Jun-11 Deferred
Cellvizio pCLE Feb-14 Deferred
CereTom Mobile CT Jul-10 Deferred
Cologuard DNA Screening Aug-14 Deferred
CT CAD Software May-05 Endorsed
da Vinci Donor Nephrectomy Jul-12 Deferred
da Vinci General Surgery Procedures Dec-11 Some endorsed/some deferred
da Vinci Pancreatectomy May-12 Endorsed
da Vinci Robotic TUE July-15 Informational
da Vinci Sacrocolpopexy Jun-12 Endorsed
da Vinci® Si Surgical Robot Feb-10 Deferred
da Vinci Si Surgical Robot Jan-11 Endorsed
da Vinci Single Incision Cholecystectomy Feb-13 Limited Endorse
da Vinci Surgical System Jan-04 Deferred
da Vinci Robotic TUE Nov-14 Review in 6 months
da Vinci Thyroidectomy Oct-11 Endorsed
DNA Analyzer Feb-08 Deferred
Double Balloon Enteroscopy System Feb-06 Endorsed
Drug Coated Balloons DCB March-15 Trial Approved
Drug Coated Balloons Trial Discussion June-15 Approved
EDDA Chest X-ray CAD Oct-08 Deferred
Electromagnetic Navigational Bronchoscopy Jan-09 CEO Endorsement
Ellipse MAGEC growing Rod April-15 Approved
Ellipse PRECICE Lengthening Nail June-15 Approved
Endobronchial Ultrasound Mar-07 Endorsed
Enhanced External Counterpulsation Jun-05 Endorsed
EnSite Cardiac Mapping Technology Nov-05 Rejected
ERBE Water Jet Dissection Jan-09 Endorsed
FibroScanTransient Elastography Nov-14 Approved
Fluorescence-Guided MicroscopePentero 900 Microscope with ALA Jan-12 Deferred
Frameless DBS July-15 Approved
GeneXpert Feb-10 Endorsed
Green Light Laser Mar-06 Deferred
Green Light Laser Jan-10 Not endorsed
Green Light Laser Dec-10 Deferred
Green Light Laser Jan-12 Endorsed
HexaPod Technology Dec-05 Endorsed
HIPEC Jul-12 Endorsed
Hologic ThinPrep Imaging System Jan-11 Endorsed
Hybrid Cochlear Implants Nov-14 Approved
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Oct-06 Rejected
iFOBT Jun-09 Endorsed
Implantable Miniature Telescope Nov-13  
Implantable Miniature Telescope TUE May-15 Approved
iMRI Mar-09 Endorsed
IMRT Brachytherapy Software May-05 Endorsed
InterStim Sept-11 Endorsed
LC Beads Mar-08 Deferred
LINX April-13 Endorsed
LINX TUE Aug-14 Review in one year
Liver Segmentation Technology Jun-08 Endorsed
Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound Aug-05 Rejected
Mako Hip Software Nov-11 Endorsed
MAKO RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System Dec-09 Endorsed
MAKO RIO® Hip Replacement Software Jan-11 Endorsed
MAKO RIO® Total Knee Replacement Software Feb-11 Deferred
Mako Total Knee Software Jan-12 Deferred
MALDI-TOF Mass Spect Feb-13 Endorse
Masimo RRa Acoustic Respiratory Monitoring Jan-13 Deferred
Melody Valve Dec-12 Endorsed
MitraClip March-15 Approved
Mobile CT (BodyTom) Jan-15 Approved
NeuroPace April-14 Approved
NICO Myriad Sep-10 Deferred
O-arm Imaging System Feb-10 Rejected
O-arm Imaging System Feb-11 Deferred
O-Arm Imaging System Feb-12 Deferred
OmniGuide BeamPath Fiber System Oct-10 Endorsed
OrthoSensor Sept-11 Review in progress
Ozaki Heart Valve Sizers Sept-14 Approved
Pediatric Urology Procedures Oct-13 Endorsed
Penumbra Stroke Device Jul-08 Endorsed
Pentero 900 Microscope w/o ALA Jan-13 Endorsed
Proton Beam Therapy Aug-08  
RapidArc Feb-08 Rejected
RapidArc Mar-10 Deferred
Robotic Hernia May--15 Approved
Robotic Nephrectomy June-15 Approved
S-ICD Feb-15 Approved
ScanCath Feb-09 Endorsed
SCD Sleeves Mar-11 Endorsed
Sialendoscopy April-14 Deferred
Sialendoscopy TUE Jul-15 Revisit
SpyElite/PDE-Neo Feb-15 Deferred
Subcutaneous ICD March-14 Deferred
Syncardia Total Artificial Heart Jan-14 Endorsed
Thopaz DrainageSystem Sept-14 Approved
TomoTherapy High Performance Couch Feb-09 Not endorsed
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Apr-12 No recommendation
Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization Jun-05 Endorsed
TruFreeze Cryotherapy Jan-15 Deferred
ViewRay Renaissance Feb-10 Endorsed
Visualase/Neuroblate MRgLITT Dec-14 Approved
Volume Imaging Protocol upgrade for Ultrasound Jan-06 Deferred
Wide Bore CT Scanner Aug-07 Endorsed
ZioPatch iRhythm Oct-12 Endorsed
ZioPatch TUE June-14 No further monitoring