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CKM Council

CKM Council - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Center for Clinical Knowledge Management (CCKM)


The activities of the Center for Clinical Knowledge Management are guided the Clinical Knowledge Management Council. This advisory group oversees prioritization of CCKM activities, advises the CCKM leadership and staff on activities of the Center, and has endorsement and approval authority as defined in its charter.

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Executive Sponsors

CKM Council Co-Chairs

CKM Council Coordinator

CKM Council Contact/Administrator



Rob Hoffman, MD

Betsy Trowbridge, MD


CKM Council Coordinator:

Chad Warner



Matt Anderson, MD

Ken Cunningham, MD

Jeff Huebner, MD

Teresa Neely

Jennifer Rauser

Karil Walther

Deb Brausen

Paula Cynkar

Mark Juckett, MD

Peter Newcomer, MD

Steve Rough

David Yang, MD

Michelle Bryan, MD

Shannon Dean, MD

Chris Kastman, MD

Jim Omohundro, MD

Brian Sharp, MD

Peggy Zimdars (PFA)

Joel Buchanan, MD

David Feldstein, MD

David Kunstman, MD

Julie Pofahl (PFA)

Michael Sloan, MD


Bart Caponi, MD

Chris Green, MD

Jennifer Lochner, MD

Jeff Pothof, MD

Scott Springman, MD


Sandy Clark

Gina Greenwood

Scott McMurray, MD

Prasanna Raman, MD

Linda Stevens


Betsy Clough

Diane Heatley, MD

Josh Medow, MD

Rebecca Rankin

Amy Topel


CCKM Staff