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The Breast Center provides a unique, comprehensive multidisciplinary breast care program, with a full spectrum of clinical and support services, from screening and diagnosis to treatment planning and counseling.


Services Offered

Screening mammograms detect breast changes in women with no symptoms and can be performed at the Breast Center, East Clinic or West Clinic. A doctor's order is not required for this exam. Results of the mammogram are read in a quiet, isolated room, which is shown to improve cancer detection rates.

A Computer Assisted Detection (CAD) program is used to assist the radiologist in reading the images. Patients receive a letter of their results within 30 days. If further exams are needed, the Breast Center contacts patients to schedule a diagnostic mammogram.

Diagnostic mammograms require an order from a doctor or nurse practitioner. It is used to diagnose any sign or symptom of breast cancer or suspicious abnormality. These mammograms are all performed at the Breast Center. In addition to mammograms, ultrasound, ductography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are performed at the Breast Center.

If an abnormality is detected during imaging, a biopsy may also need to be performed. Fine needle aspirations, ultrasound guided core biopsies, stereotactic core biopsies, core needle biopsies, MRI-guided biopsies and excisional biopsies are offered through the Breast Center.

At the Breast center, breast health history is reviewed by our multidisciplinary team. Patients needing treatment are then referred to the appropriate clinic for treatment needs (cancer clinics, radiation, surgery, etc.).



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