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Guide to HSA Web Enrollment

Guide to HSA Web Enrollment - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Benefits, UW Health Open Enrollment, UWMF Open Enrollment, Health Savings Account, Resources

Guide to HSA Web Enrollment
• Select and answer the security questions. Then, click “Next.”
Note: You will be prompted to answer security questions
when completing certain functions within the portal.
• A temporary username will auto-populate. Double click on
the auto-populated username to personalize it. Then, select
“Submit.” Note: Keep record of your personalized username
and password. Discovery Benefits does not store this
Step 3: Once you have successfully logged in to your consumer
portal, select the “Enroll in HSA” button in the Message Center
section of your homepage to begin enrollment.
Step 1: To log in to your consumer portal, go to
www.DiscoveryBenefits.com and click the “Login” button in the upper
right-hand corner of the screen. Then, select Reimbursement
Step 2: Choose the login option that applies to you:
• If you currently have access to the Discovery Benefits
consumer portal, continue to use your same username and
password for open enrollment.
• If you are accessing the Discovery Benefits consumer portal
for the first time, select the “Create your new username and
password” link and complete the user identification fields on
the following page. Then, select “Next.”
Discovery Benefits takes great pride in providing superior service, and we look forward to working with you. Your employer is o�ering web enrollment and
requires that you enroll online during your open enrollment period of���� �. By enrolling in the HSA, you will accept the terms and
conditions of the plan.

Guide to HSA Web Enrollment, continued
Step 7: Your employer has listed important plan rules you should
be aware of before you enroll. Read these rules carefully and
check the box that states “I certify that I meet the qualifications
to open a Health Savings Account.” Once the box is selected,
choose the coverage level from the drop-down menu and select
Step 8: Choose your preferred method for reimbursement — either
direct deposit or check. Then, select “Next.”
Step 4: Review the Summary of Accounts and select “Next.”
Step 5: Verify/update your personal information. Then, select
Step 6: Enter any applicable dependent information and select
“Add Dependent.” Repeat this step for each eligible dependent
you would like to add. Then, select “Next.”

Guide to HSA Web Enrollment, continued
Step 12: Review the HSA Account Summary page and make any
necessary updates. Then, select “Next.”
Step 13: Read through the Creation Authorization page to verify
that you are requesting a Health Savings Account be opened in
your name. Check the corresponding boxes and click “Submit
Enrollment.” Note: If you wish to make pre-tax contributions to
your account, contact your Human Resources department.
If you have an email address on file, you will receive confirmation
that your enrollment was submitted via email. Note: You can make
changes to demographic information in your account at any time
af�er enrollment.
If you have questions concerning your account or the enrollment
process, feel free to contact us.
Hours of Operation 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. CST Monday-Friday
Phone Number 866-451-3399
Toll-Free Fax Number 866-451-3245
Email Address customerservice@discoverybenefits.com
Step 9: If you selected to be reimbursed via direct deposit, you will
be prompted to enter your bank account information. Enter your
bank account information. Then, select “Next.”
Step 10: Select “Add Bank Account.” Bank account verification will
be required. You will need to confirm the amount of deposit made
to your bank account to activate your account.
Step 11: Enter your designated beneficiary information. Select “Add
Beneficiary”. Then, select “Next”.
Revised 09/20/16