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HSA How to Enroll Flier

HSA How to Enroll Flier - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Benefits, UW Health Open Enrollment, UWHC Open Enrollment, Health Savings Account (HSA), Resources

Annual It’s Your Choice Open Enrollment Period: October 17 – November 11,* 2016
2017 Benefit Period: January 1 – December 31, 2017

Enroll During It’s Your Choice
ξ Visit www.etf.wi.gov/IYC2017 for It’s Your Choice
Open enrollment information.
ξ You have three ways to enroll during the It’s Your
Choice Open Enrollment Period:
o Online
o Paper
o Telephone
ξ You can request a paper application from your
payroll or benefits office, or download a copy from
the TASC or ETF website.
ξ Your election will be effective January 1, 2017.
ξ Note: If you are already enrolled in a Health
Savings Account (HSA), you must re-enroll each
year to continue participation. Enrollments do not
carry forward from year to year.

* Due to November 11 being a federal holiday, mailed applications must be postmarked by November
10, 2016.

UW System Employees
ξ Enrollments are done directly through the UW, not
the TASC portal/website or by telephone.
ξ UW System employees should refer to
www.wisconsin.edu/ohrwd/benefits or contact your
UW institution human resources department for
enrollment instructions for 2017.

State of Wisconsin & Legislature Employees
ξ State of Wisconsin and Legislature employees who
are paid through the STAR System should log in to
STAR at https://ess.wi.gov to make all benefits
elections during the annual It’s Your Choice period.
Contact your agency payroll and benefits staff with
any enrollment questions.
If You Are a Newly Hired Employee
ξ If you are electing to enroll in an HSA, you must enroll within 30 days of your date of hire (in an eligible
position), or first eligible appointment.
ξ Coverage will be effective on the first of the month on or following your eligibility date.
ξ For more information and enrollment instructions, contact your human resources/benefit office.

If You Have Experienced a Qualifying Life Event
ξ If you experience a qualified life change event, such as a marriage or divorce, birth or adoption of a child, a
change in employment status, or another qualified life change event, you may have the opportunity to enroll or
change your coverage outside of the open enrollment period.
ξ There are various rules related to life change events. You must enroll or make changes within 30 days from the
date of the qualifying event.
ξ Contact your human resources/benefit office for more information on qualifying events, to see what your
options are, how to enroll, and how to make a change.

Following Enrollment
Once you have enrolled in the HSA, TASC will send these items to you:
HSA Welcome Brochure
ξ The HSA Welcome Brochure will provide you with
information on how to manage your HSA.
ξ Follow the instructions to set-up your TASC Online
ξ Use your online account to check your balance,
make additional contributions, transfer funds to an
investment account, or request a distribution.
ξ Your TASC Card allows you to conveniently pay for
eligible medical expenses.
ξ Be sure to review the Cardholder Agreement affixed
to the card.
ξ Note: If you are a current TASC participant, you will
not be issued a new TASC Card. You will continue
to use your current TASC Card.


Enroll with TASC Online

1. Determine desired annual contribution amount.
a. See the HSA Enrollment Brochure and/or the
HSA Annual Expense Estimate Worksheet.
2. Go to the TASC Online website:
a. If you are a new TASC Participant, enter a
temporary TASC username. This is your first
initial, last name, date of birth (mmddyy), and the
last four digits of your Social Security Number
ξ For example: JSmith0101771234
b. If you are a current TASC participant, enter
your current TASC username and password.
ξ If you do not remember your username
or password, click Forgot Username or
Password and follow the reset steps
2. Once logged in to your TASC Online Account, click
Enroll Now.
3. Enter your information.
a. You will be required to enter your SSN.
b. We recommend adding your personal email
c. Click Next.
4. If applicable, add your dependent(s).
a. Enter the name(s) of your dependent(s).
b. Click Add Dependent.
c. Your dependent(s) will be displayed on the My
Dependents list.
Click Next.
5. Review your eligibility and the HSA Qualifications
to ensure you are eligible for an HSA.
a. Note: If you are enrolled in a High-Deductible
Health Plan (HDHP), you are not eligible for the
Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA).
See the HSA Enrollment Brochure or Limited
Purpose Flexible Spending Account (LPFSA)
flyer for benefit options.
b. Click Next.

6. Review the plan rules.
a. Check the acknowledgement box indicating that
you have read the plan rules and agree to them.
b. Note: You must do this for every plan, even for
plans in which you are not enrolled.
7. Review your annual election amount.
a. Enter your desired deduction per pay period.
b. It is your responsibility to ensure your contributions
do not go beyond IRS maximum annual limits.
c. Note: Contributions from all sources combined, such
as employee, employer, and third parties (i.e., parent
or spouse), must not exceed these limits.
8. Review your payment method.
a. Select your preferred method to receive distributions
and elect to get a TASC card.
b. If you elect direct deposit, you will need to enter your
bank information.
c. Click Next.
9. Add your beneficiaries.
a. Select your desired beneficiaries from your list of
dependents to prefill their information.
b. Click Add Beneficiary.
10. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
a. You must read and accept each agreement in order
to active your HSA.
b. Click Next.
11. Verify, submit and print.
a. Review all of your information.
b. If any changes are required, click Edit Information.
c. When you have verified that all information is correct,
print the Enrollment Confirmation page for your
d. Click Next.
e. Click Submit Enrollment.

Enroll by Telephone Enroll by Paper
ξ Contact TASC Customer Care at 1-844-786-3947 or
ξ One of TASC’s friendly and knowledgeable
Customer Service Representatives will assist you.
ξ TASC Customer Care is open Monday through
Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

ξ Request a paper application from your human
resources/benefit office, or download a copy from
the ETF or TASC website.
ξ Submit a completed TASC HSA Enrollment Form to
your human resources/benefit office.

Identification Verification Failure Notification
Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who
opens an HSA. This process will occur automatically upon your enrollment. If your identity cannot be verified, you will be
notified of the identity verification failure via secure email. The email notification will provide required actions to resolve
the matter. If you receive this notification, please provide the requested information within 30 days (via email or fax). If
you do not respond within 90 days, your HSA will be deactivated. To be eligible for a High-Deductible Health Plan
(HDHP), you must be enrolled in an HSA. If your HSA is deactivated, you will no longer be eligible for an HDHP.

TASC Customer Care | Phone 844-786-3947 or 608-316-2408 | Email 1customercare@tasconline.com

Reminder: If you are a UW System employee or
a State of Wisconsin and Legislature employee
paid through the STAR system, do not enroll via
TASC Online or by phone. See other side for
enrollment details.