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Nomination Process and Requirements

Nomination Process and Requirements - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Benefits, Awards and Recognition, Physician Excellence Award


  1. Nominations will be accepted through Friday, March 16, 2018. Submit electronic copy of nomination packages to providerservices@uwhealth.org.
  2. Any UW Health employee or physician may nominate someone for a Physician Excellence Award with the exception of individuals with the title of President/CEO, Department Chair, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer, Dean or Associate Dean. In addition, any individual outside of UW Health is eligible to nominate a UW Health physician. Note: This is not a self-nomination process nor should physicians promote themselves to their colleagues.
  3. Nomination requirements for the Physician Excellence Awards are as follows:
    • Completed nomination form
    • Support from nominee’s Department Chair (Provider Services will confirm the Chair’s support upon receipt of the nomination packet)
    • Nominee’s CV
    • If the nomination is for Clinical Educator Excellence Award, current teaching evaluations should be submitted with the nomination package
    • Written statements (see below) from:
      • The nominator
      • 2-3 additional written supporting statements and letters of recommendation by peers and/or colleagues, which are reflective of the nominee’s qualifications and contributions.
  4. Written statement requirements:
    • The written statements should describe how the nominee demonstrates (1) behaviors, activities and outcomes that differentiate their clinical practice or education excellence; and (2) commitment to the UW Health Strategic Plan as described in Attachment A
    • Each statement should be titled, include the name of the person being nominated, signed by the author and include the author’s title and working relationship with the person being nominated
    • At least two of the written statements for the Regional Services Excellence award must be from individuals at the site where the nominated physician provides Regional Services
    • Written statements will not be accepted by individuals within UW Health with the title of President/CEO, Department Chair, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer, Dean or Associate Dean
  5. Tips for Compiling Nomination Packets:
    • Because the nomination process is competitive, please submit a comprehensive packet with additional supporting documentation. Ensure your packet consists of sufficient detail to enable the committee to assess the nominee’s qualifications for the award. Examples may include patient letters, patient satisfaction scores and teaching evaluations. Consider including letters of support from a wide variety of staff and colleagues, even across the organization and region. Please note that Selection Committee members can only consider information submitted with the nomination packet.
    • Include specific examples of the nominee’s professional achievements and how they relate to the award criteria. Explain how the candidate’s work has influenced UW Health and beyond.
    • Provide specific examples of any relevant professional history, education, job experience, affiliations and licenses/certifications.
  6. Award decisions will be made by the Physician Excellence Awards Selection Committee and the recipients and nominees will be informed of the outcome in April. A reception to recognize this year’s recipients, as well as all nominees, will be scheduled at a later date.