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Welcome to the Behavioral Health Service Line resource page. The mission of UW Health Behavioral Health Services is to ensure a well-coordinated workforce that is dedicated to providing our patients with the right services at the right time in the right place


Welcome New Behavioral Health Staff

Daniel A. Dickson, Ph.D.

Dr. Daniel Dickson is returning to UW Health in September. He will be seeing patients at Odana Atrium. Daniel interned in the Department of Psychiatry during the 2014-2015 internship year. He completed a research post doc with Meredith Rumble and a clinical post-doc at Access Community Health Centers following the completion of his internship.

Daniel's primary areas of clinical interest are CBT for Insomnia, transdiagnostic treatments for emotional disorders (i.e., DBT, Unified Protocol), traditional CBT for mood and anxiety disorders and third-wave behavioral therapies (e.g., ACT).

Daniel is originally from San Jose, CA through Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL where he completed his Ph.D. at Loyola University Chicago. When not at work, he loves to play basketball, watch movies, ride bikes and enjoy good food with friends and family.

Meet our Yahara Behavioral Health Staff

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Behavioral Health in Primary Care

Improving access to services can take a number of forms. Read about how Behavioral Health in Primary Care can make a real difference. The literature shows that almost half of patients referred to specialty Behavioral Health do not follow through with referrals, so providing access to services where our patients go for care is a logical and effective approach to care. If you would like to know more about UW Health's Collaborative Care Integration pilot, please feel free to reach out to any of our project core team members!

Dr. Beth Lonergan, Director Behavioral Health Services
Dr. Rick Hafer, Clinical Director of Behavioral Health Services
Dr. Heather Huang, Physician Champion
Dr. Elizabeth Perry, Physician Champion
Dr. Shanda Wells, Practitioner


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