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Step 1: Brainstorming

Step 1: Brainstorming - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Ambulatory Education, Staff Driven Competency Model, Resources

Updated December 2017

Step 1
2018 Learning Needs Assessment
Brainstorming Worksheet

Department: Job Title(s): Date:

Brainstorm staff needs in each of the categories listed below.
Try to limit your focus to 5 or fewer competencies

Competency Needs:

What are the NEW procedures, policies,
equipment, initiatives, etc. that affect this
job class

What are the CHANGES in procedures,
policies, equipment, initiatives, etc. that
affect this job class

What are the HIGH RISK aspects of this

(High risk is anything that would cause
harm, death or legal action to an
individual or the organization.)

What are the PROBLEMATIC aspects of
this job

(These can be identified through quality
management data, incident reports,
patient surveys, staff surveys and any
other form of formal or informal

Return Completed Worksheet to your Nurse Educator/NES by March
30, 2018
• Nursing Education Department (Mail Code 9305)
• Ambulatory Education (Mail Code 1035)

Updated December 2017

Prioritization Guidelines:

1. Circle or highlight the ideas that meet the following criteria:
• Shows up in more than one category (new, changes, high risk, problematic)

2. PRIORITIZE your circled items:
• Outcomes: Does it have a large impact on patient outcomes
o Example: Learning a new printer vs. hand washing compliance-(hand
washing has a greater impact on patient outcomes)
• Time sensitive: Are any of them time sensitive?
o Example: Defibrillator vs. insulin pump- (the insulin pump functionality
allows you the time to review resources prior to use)

These competencies must be addressed and added to the step 2 worksheet

3. Review the rest of the ideas
• Are any of the remaining circled items a high priority for your unit/dept.? If so,
circle the idea(s) and add to the step 2 worksheet.

4. Complete a step 2 worksheet for each circled item