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Nova StatStrip Glucose Meter Competency

Nova StatStrip Glucose Meter Competency - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Ambulatory Education, Competency, Resources

July 2017

Nova StatStrip Glucose Meter Competency
Complete the following:
Review Key Points
Quality Control Test
Mock patient test (scan barcode below for MRN); Must demonstrate lancet device

Take eQuiz module online (questions listed below)
ξ Use Internet Explorer>U-Connect>Search “Nova”>Select 1st choice: “Nova Stat
Strip Resources”>Nova Glucose Meter eQuiz OR enter
ξ To Log-in
o User ID is your employee (badge) ID#
o Password is “nursing”; if “nursing” doesn’t work, enter “password” and then you will
be prompted to create a new password. Use “nursing” since there is not a way to
retrieve your password if you forget it. (Most Anesthesia staff uses “anesthesia”)
ξ Select Start Quiz link to begin. (You will then get a message about quiz lockout if not
successful after 2 attempts.)
ξ Log off when finished

Quiz Questions (Questions in eQuiz are randomly ordered. Read carefully!)
1. True or False: Return the meter to the base at least every 2 hours to maintain battery charge.

2. True or False: Allowing blood or QC solution to get into the strip port/meter will NOT cause harm.

3. True or False: Cleaning solution must dry completely before returning meter to downloading/
charging base.

4. True or False: Quality Control testing must be done every 24 hours (inpatient) or within 24 hours
of a patient test (ambulatory).

5. True or False: If I plan to repeat a patient test to verify a result, I should use the “Reject” button
before doing the next test and enter a comment indicating the reason for repeating the test.

6. True or False: The high critical value range BEGINS at 500 mg/dL.

7. True or False: A blood glucose must be re-checked within 15 minutes of hypoglycemia treatment
(unless otherwise specified in orders).

8. True or False: The patient’s wristband (or patient label) with a medical record number (not the
EPIC number) must be scanned to ensure the correct patient identifier is used.