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DHC Colorectal Clinic RN Orientation Pathway

DHC Colorectal Clinic RN Orientation Pathway - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Ambulatory Education, Checklists - Core and Department Specific, Resources

DHC Colo-Rectal Clinic RN Orientation Pathway Name: _______________________
Week 1-4 Dates: ____________ Week 4-6 Dates: _____________ Week 6-8 Dates: ____________
New Employee & RN Orientation week one
Clinical Focus
Preceptor(s): ____________________

Introduction to staff & Providers
Become familiar with DHC/Clinic environment
Shadow APPs/Providers
Become familiar with colo-rectal pt needs
Begin familiarity with HL & In Basket management
Begin learning Telephone Triage
Establish daily routines for clinic
Become familiar with MA role at DHC
Become familiar with RN role in Minor Procedures

Activities & Resources
Scavenger hunts
Dot phrase list for colo-rectal clinic
In basket management checklist
Telephone Triage Policy 8.20
Shadow MA X 2 hours

Podcasts for GI Clinic as assigned
Work on required CBTs
Work on Ambulatory & Clinic RN Competencies
GI Disorders & Procedures Reference Binder

Meet with Manager, CNS & Preceptor to
review progress (~ week 3-4)

Clinical Focus
Preceptor(s): ________________

Work with Ostomy specialist (Sandy Z) x 1 week
Shadow APPs/Providers
Become familiar with pt care needs for pt with
Patient Teaching RN x 1 week
Identify pertinent HFFY & pt educ.
forms/brochures, etc.
Assist with Minor Procedures
 skill with In Basket management &
 skill with Telephone Triage
Manage daily flow of patients in clinic

Activities & Resources
Assessment/Reassessment of pt & doc. in
clinics Policy 8.02
Shadow Scheduler x 2 hours, including
checkout & procedures

Clinical Focus
Preceptor (s): ___________________


Shadow APPs/Providers as needed
Orient to/complete Postop discharge follow
up phone calls

Complete all Ambulatory & Clinic RN
Competencies & CBTs by end of

Activities & Resources
Shadow in Endoscopy X 1 day
Shadow GI Clinic X 1 day
Shadow in Motility ½ day

Meet with Manager, CNS &
Preceptor to review progress
(~ week 7)