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Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification Workshop

Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification Workshop - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Ambulatory Education, Certifications, RN, Resources

Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification Workshop

To Do List:

____Read Certification Eligibility criteria on AAACN.org to make sure
you are eligible to take the exam. Read all certification information on

_____Read policy 3.18 on UConnect about certification

_____Fill out UWHC Request for Clinical Certification Reimbursement
form found on UConnect policy 3.18 page (Must be done before taking
the certification exam.) Take advantage of the Success Pays! Program.

_____Join AAACN and/or ANA. ANA members pay the lowest testing
fee. AAACN members pay a discounted fee, but it’s higher than
AAACN’s rate to take the exam. UWHC will reimburse you at the
professional organization’s member rate. AAACN Membership also
gives you discounts on purchasing review books, and provides a
resource for contact hours you need.

_____Purchase or borrow Core Curriculum for Ambulatory Care
Nursing 3rd Ed. By Candia Baker Laughlin. The book is not mandatory
to attend the review class, but will be helpful as you study for the test.
I highly suggest purchasing Ambulatory Care Nursing Review
Questions 4th Ed. By Candia Baker Laughlin-great practice in the types
of questions you can expect on the exam. Both can be purchased
through AAACN website.

_____Gather all contact hours you have from the past 3 years into a
folder. Make sure they meet the criteria found on the application
at www.nursecredentialing.org

_____Obtain contact hours needed to complete 30 hours if needed.

Ambulatory Care Nursing Review book from AAACN. You need to
study it anyway, and you can obtain all needed hours (at a cost) by
submitting evaluations to AAACN.

Attend classes offered by Nursing Education & Development. See class
list on

UConnect: http://www.uwhealth.wisc.edu/uconnect/coursecatalog/co

Offerings posted on Ambulatory Clinics Education Workspace:

View Nursing Grand Rounds on UConnect and contact Heidi Miller in
Nursing Education Dept for instructions on obtaining contact hours.

Ambulatory Journal Club will be posted on Ambulatory Clinics
Education Workspace and will feature quarterly postings of articles
you can read and answer questions about to obtain contact hours.

Attend Ambulatory Certification Workshop

Contact hours from off site workshops or nursing journals you read
(usually at a cost).

Contact hours through online providers such as Medscape (often free).

_____Study plan. Make a plan that works for you to review books,
form a study group, review contact hours resources, etc.

_____Download the test content outline and review sample test
questions at www.nursecredentialing.org

_____Submit your application to take the test. You will receive a 90
day window in which you must complete the test.

_____Take and pass the exam !!!

_____Submit evidence of certification and proof of payment to

_____Certifications are good for 5 years. Review the renewal
materials and have a plan for obtaining and recording contact hours
you will need for re-certification.