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Information from the AAMA Regarding Non-AAMA Credits

Information from the AAMA Regarding Non-AAMA Credits - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Ambulatory Education, Certifications, MA, Resources

Any kind of training classes that are related to medical assisting duties are eligible to be used as
recertification points. That includes OSHA, HIPAA, CPR, and any kind of coding class. It must be a
formal class, not on-the-job training, and it must be at least an hour long. Some online courses may be
too short to be used. You will need to show official documentation such as a transcript verifying name,
date, title and number of credits earned, plus a brief description of the training such as a page from the
course catalog so we can evaluate its relevance to the field. We ask that you please do not submit your
non-AAMA credits in advance, as we have no procedure for recording them in your transcript. Instead,
you should hold on to the documentation and submit it with your application when the time comes to

CPR is a special case. By default we award every CPR card 4 clinical CEUs, and we have created a place
for it in the record. If you copy the front and back of the card and then mail, fax, or email it to us we will
add the credits to your official transcript.

If you have any questions please contact our recertification department at 800-228-2262, option
1. Below is an excerpt from the recertification application which explains our policy:

Non-AAMA credit maximum: A maximum of 30 recertification points may be accumulated from
sources other than AAMA CEUs (e.g., college or university credit, physician CME credits and
contact hours). A contact hour is defined as a typical 50-minute classroom instructional session, or
its equivalent.
- AAMA CEU credits: 30 points required
- Non-AAMA credits: 30 point maximum

Converting to recertification points:
- 1 continuing education unit (CEU) = 1 recertification point
- 1.5 continuing education units = 1.5 recertification points
- 1 continuing medical education (CME) credit = 1 recertification point
- 1 contact hour = 1 recertification point
- 1 college credit hour (quarter or semester) = 15 recertification points

Required documentation for non-AAMA recertification points:
Official documentation issued by the sponsor granting the credit must be attached to the
application, and should include the following:
1) Date credit was earned
2) Name of sponsor issuing credit
3) A course description or content outline for each educational activity
4) Amount and type of credit awarded (e.g., CEU, CME, contact hour or college credit)
5) A certificate of completion or attendance for each activity bearing the number of contact
hours awarded
Do not send originals. Documentation submitted will not be returned to the applicant.
Documentation submitted separately from the application and payment will not be reviewed and will
not be returned.

Accepted areas of content:

Credits will be accepted only if they relate to topics and competencies listed on the CMA (AAMA)
Certification/Recertification Examination Content Outline, the Occupational Analysis of the CMA
(AAMA) or the Advanced Practice of Medical Assisting.
- The applicant is responsible for using these documents to determine the correct content area
for each point.
- If a continuing education program covers more than one content area, points should be assigned
based on the length of time devoted to each area.
- Medical assisting educators must apply credits earned from programs designed to enhance
teaching skills (e.g., curriculum development and methods) to the general category. Points are not
granted for teaching courses for academic credit.