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How to Renew Your CCMA Certification

How to Renew Your CCMA Certification - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Ambulatory Education, Certifications, MA, Resources

Your CCMA certification is good for 2 years, but don’t wait till the last minute to
start collecting your continuing education credits so you can renew certification!
To keep up your certification you need 10 hours of continuing education credits
every 2 years. There are several ways to do this:
Option 1) See www.nhanow.com, login with your same username and password
you used originally and click on Certifications>Renew and Reinstate
Certifications for step by step instructions on how to maintain your CCMA.
Scroll way down to the bottom of the page. You pay $169 recertification fee (ask
your manager if this fee will be reimbursed). NHA includes the 10 credit hours
in that fee that you can complete online on their website. Follow the
instructions on the NHA website.
Option 2) You can take ELearnings on UW’s Learning & Development system
(LDS) at no cost and you can enter these into the NHA website as external
credits. You still have to pay the $169 recertification fee to NHA and check with
your manager about reimbursement.
Option 3) You can take credits through other sources like the City-Wide MA
Workshop, other seminars, Ambulatory Journal club on the Ambulatory Clinics
Education Workspace or other journal reading that offers continuing education.
You can use other online or in person education that offers continuing
education credits. NHA will accept credits from AAMA, from ANCC or other RN
credits or from CME medical education credits. You enter these on NHA website
as external credits. You still pay the $169 recertification fee and ask your
manager about reimbursement.
Renew Your CCMA