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Cardiology - Cardiac Sonographer

Cardiology - Cardiac Sonographer - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Ambulatory Education, Ambulatory Orientation, Checklists - Core and Department Specific, Resources


Employee Name:___________________________________________ Employee Credentials: _______________________________________

Clinic Location:_____________________________________________ Employee Number:___________________ Hire Date_______________

Area of Orientation Discussed Observed Preceptor’s Signature Completed Date
General Clinic Orientation
Able to extract and assemble pertinent clinical information
from the patient and/or patient’s chart

Appropriately documents necessary information in HealthLink
from check in to check out for an echo procedure

Knows how to use Inbasket messaging in HealthLink
Identifies daily reading/supervising physicians from AMION
Has appropriate access to PACS imaging software
Knows how to submit a help desk ticket when PACS software
is not working properly

Knows how to use interpreter services
Can access UnityPoint Health (Meriter) CareLink for obtaining
necessary echo/op note information

Aware of UW Health Recycling policies and where to find
resources online

Equipment and Supplies
Ensures routine equipment/supplies are available to perform
necessary testing

Knows where to locate emergency equipment/supplies
Knows how to properly disinfect ultrasound equipment, as
well as clean machine filters

Is aware of ultrasound table weight limits
Knows when and how to properly utilize ultrasound contrast
agents (i.e. activation, reactivation, contraindications, etc)

Knows who to contact when supplies/linens are needed
Knows how to call for service on ultrasound machines

Area of Orientation Discussed Observed Preceptor’s Signature Completed Date
Knowledge and education in the following areas:
General ultrasound physics as they pertain to adult echo
Normal cardiac anatomy and physiology
Basic heart arrhythmias and how it pertains to performing an

Pathology related:
Cardiomyopathies (DCM, HCM, and RCM)
Diastolic dysfunction
Pericardial disease (tamponade/constrictive pericarditis)
Valvular Stenosis/Prosthetic valves
Valvular regurgitation
Ventricular septal defects and atrial septal defects
Connective tissue disorders (i.e. Marfans, Ehlers Danlos)
Aortic aneurysms/dissection
Basic understanding of congenital heart disease as it
pertains to the adult population (i.e. d-TGA, l-TGA)

Procedure (echo) specific competencies:
Verifies correct patient using at least two patient identifiers
Explains procedure in a calm and reassuring manner and
answers any questions appropriately

Can accurately obtain a manual blood pressure
Adjusts console settings to achieve optimal imaging display
Adjusts console settings to achieve optimal Doppler recording
Can perform an agitated saline contrast study (bubble study)
Proper use of ultrasound contrast agents (i.e. Definity)
Utilize a non-imaging probe (Pedoff)
Knows how to perform quantitative measurements when
necessary (PISA, volumetrics)

Can activate and adjust machine respirometer
Enters necessary information into PACS imaging software
Normal pathology:
Able to follow complete adult echo protocol
Assess parasternal views
Assess apical views
Assess subcostal views
Assess suprasternal notch views

Area of Orientation Discussed Observed Preceptor’s Signature Completed Date
Perform Simpson’s Biplane Volumetric EF
Perform longitudinal strain analysis on machine
Abnormal pathology:
Aortic stenosis/replacement case
Mitral stenosis/repair/replacement case
Aortic regurgitation case
Mitral regurgitation case
Pericardial effusion (r/o tamponade) case
Constrictive pericarditis case
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy case
VSD/ASD (how to perform Qp:Qs measurements)


I, _________________________________________ (employee name) have completed the CARDIAC SONOGRAPHER CLINICAL TRAINING
CHECKLIST and attest the information is true and valid. I have demonstrated or discussed these skills and I am responsible for performing patient
care as a registered cardiac sonographer.

________________________________________________ ________________________
Preceptor Date
________________________________________________ ________________________
Supervisor Date

 Send the original signed Clinical Training Checklist to Clinical Staff Education – #1035.
 One copy of the signed Clinical Training Checklist should be placed in the clinic’s staff employee’s file, and a copy given to the employee.