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Transformations - Aesthetician

Transformations - Aesthetician - Departments & Programs, UW Health, Ambulatory Education, Ambulatory Orientation, Checklists - Core and Department Specific, Resources

Transformations Aesthetician Training Checklist

Name: ___________________________ ID: _________ Clinic: ______________ Start Date: ________ Due Date: ________
Area of Orientation

Employee (Aesthetician) is able gather relevant data & appropriately care
for patients undergoing the following procedures:

ξ Vectus laser
ξ Plume evacuator
Employee demonstrates competence in the care and function of equipment:
ξ Hydraulic chair
ξ Camera for photos and disk download to MIRROR for licensed tattooists
ξ Vectus laser
ξ Assures instrument cleaning is properly completed
Employee participates in patient teaching related to the following:
ξ Able to elicit patient’s expectations in aesthetic cosmetic skin care

ξ Able to determine patient’s knowledge level/deficit in understanding

ξ Skin care consultations
ξ Superficial chemical peels
ξ Dermaplaning
ξ Facials
ξ Extractions
ξ Make-up lessons and applications
ξ Breast areola tattooing (if applicable to licensure)
ξ Laser hair removal
ξ Hair removal options not offered at UW Health Transformations such as
threading and electrolysis

Employee demonstrates appropriate product knowledge of the following:
ξ Various skin care products utilized in treatment room and for retail

V 1/24/2018 Draft Ambulatory RN Orientation Review
Area of Orientation Discussed/Observed
ξ Able to provide professional product recommendations for cosmetic home
care based on patients needs and concerns

ξ Understands commonly used hydroxyl acids and their effect on the skin
when incorporated in professional chemical peel treatments (i.e. glycolic,
lactic, salicylic, resorcinol, malic, mandelic, rice bran, etc.)

ξ Understands the difference between physical and chemical sunscreens, the
importance of use, what products to use per client need, when/how to use

Employee has the basic understanding of the following conditions,
treatments and placing consults/referrals to other specialists or departments
as appropriate:

ξ Static wrinkles (wrinkles at rest) and Dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles in

ξ Botox and Dermal Filler injectables
ξ Sciton Laser Treatments and Medium to Deep Chemical Peels
ξ Skin Lesions and treatment options
ξ Acne grades 3 & 4 (cystic and nodular)
ξ Rosacea
ξ Eczema and Psoriasis
ξ Topical hydroquinone at 4% strength
ξ Topical hydroquinone-free
ξ Chemical peels
ξ Sciton laser treatment options
Acne (grades 1 & 2):
ξ Chemical peels
ξ Facials
ξ Retinoids
ξ Products
ξ Knowledge of prescription medications
Diagnosed Rosacea:
ξ Chemical peels

V 1/24/2018 Draft Ambulatory RN Orientation Review
Area of Orientation Discussed/Observed
ξ Products
ξ Sciton laser treatment options
ξ Topical prescription medications i.e. Finacea, Metrogel, etc.
Hair Removal:
ξ Provide laser hair removal services
Tattoo Artist demonstrates appropriate knowledge and ability to perform
the following:

ξ Consultation with procedure explanation
ξ Verification of allergies in HealthLink
ξ Color and circumference size selection for the areola(s) and nipple(s)
ξ Pigment scratch test to determine possible allergies
ξ Pre/Post procedure photos
ξ Antiseptic cleanse
ξ Topical numbing of the area(s) before and during procedure
ξ Tattoo procedure
ξ Post care wound dressing and home care instructions
ξ Ability to download photos from photo disk to MIRROR software
ξ Ability to reformat photo card disk in camera to swipe card clean
Employee understands it is his/her responsibility to maintain annual tattoo
licensure and maintain aesthetician licensure very 3 years

Employee demonstrates understanding and implementation of general
HealthLink Policies:

ξ Documentation of patient ambulatory encounters or phone calls
ξ Consents for treatment are signed/dated by the Aesthetician & patient and
sent to scanning