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Ambulatory Educators Welcome to the Ambulatory Education page. This page reflects the collaboration between legacy MF’s Clinical Staff Education and legacy HC’s Education and Development for Nursing and Patient Care Services-Ambulatory groups. We will continue to work together to provide the best possible staff education for UW Health ambulatory care employees.

Ambulatory Education Mission

As collaborative consultants, we support clinical excellence to promote quality patient care outcomes.  We provide value-added, evidence-based, innovative, and career-long learning to empower a diverse ambulatory staff.”

Ambulatory Education Vision

We support the Association for NursingProfessional Development (ANPD) scope and standards:

  1. Orientation/onboarding
  2. Competency Management
  3. Professional Role Development
  4. Education
  5. Collaborative Partnerships
  6. Evidence-Based Practice/Quality Improvement/Research

Ambulatory Education Values

Professionalism, Leadership, Collaboration, Innovation, and Excellence.


What do I need to turn in when I complete Orientation?

Your orientation checklist and your clinic specific orientation checklist (if you have one) should be turned in the Ambulatory Education by making a copy for yourself and sending the original to Mail Code 9305 for HC clinics and Mail Code 1035 for MF checklists.  We are in the process of combining this and having one checklist across UW Health for each RN, MA and Scheduler.

When is the orientation checklist due?

All checklists for MF and HC are due 3 months from the date of hire or transfer.

Why do I need to do a new orientation checklist when I transfer to a different clinic?

All specialty and primary care clinics have different workflows, different skills and other information that needs to be reviewed in your new setting.

How can I get a copy of the checklist for my area?

See the Orientation page.

Where do I find information about CEUs for medical assistants?

See the Educational Opportunities page.

Where do I find approved delegation protocols on U- Connect?

Ambulatory Delegation Protocols can be found in the Clinical Hub under CCKM, Delegation/Practice Protocols.

Does CCKM (Center for Clinical Knowledge Management) offer other resources that would be helpful for clinical staff?

Yes. The UW Health Clinical Tool Search section of U-Connect offers Clinical Practice Guidelines, Patient Assessment Tools, Preventative Health Care and Health Maintenance resources and more.


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