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Hospital School at AFCH

Hospital School at AFCH - Departments & Programs, UW Health, American Family Children's Hospital (AFCH), Resources Available at AFCH

The Hospital School has been in operation since 1930, serving the educational needs of school-aged patients enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade who are receiving treatment at American Family Children's Hospital (AFCH) and UW Hospital. Educational services are provided at no cost to families or local school districts. Three Madison Metropolitan School District teachers staff the school and provide a supportive and nurturing environment in which all students can meet with success.



The philosophy of the Hospital School is to provide as normal an atmosphere for hospitalized children and youth as possible. An important part of a child's recovery is the opportunity to return to a normal routine as soon as possible. Participating in an educational community is a child's occupation, and returning to that job and exercising the mind speeds recovery.

Students work on their own assignments to prevent "double jeopardy" - being hospitalized, falling behind in school and then having to struggle to catch up. Children are likely to have developed a loss of control or a sense of helplessness due to the need for treatment. Attending the Hospital School fosters a return to independence that's necessary to a child's well-being and sense of self.

School Session

The Hospital School follows the Madison Metropolitan School District calendar. Classroom hours are 9am-noon and 1-3pm. Hours will vary however, depending on student population and staff availability. Teachers are available for consultation by appointment before and after school hours, by visiting the classrooms (4108) or (5440) or calling th teachers directly.


Students receive individual attention and programming tailored to meet the needs of hospitalized students. The classrooms are located in room 4108 for patients admitted to the Hematology/Oncology service and in room 5440 for all other patients. All students are encouraged to attend if they are not required to stay in their rooms. Bedside teaching is available only if a student cannot attend school due to medical restrictions. Students do come to the classroom with an assortment of medical equipment; suction and oxygen are available in the classroom. Students also come to the classroom in wheelchairs, cardiac chairs, prone carts, gurneys, beds, or whatever their least restrictive mode of transportation may be.


The Hospital School teachers are Jackie Eveland-Psyck, Connie Kane and Marianne Tripp. The three teachers, employed by the Madison Metropolitan School District, have over 90 years of combined teaching experience and 55 years of combined experience teaching in the hospital. Two of the teachers have completed Masters of Education degrees and all teachers frequently attend educational and medical workshops, conferences and classes for professional advancement.

Accessing Services

Guardians are required to sign a Madison Metropolitan School District Permission Form, ISS-72, and an Authorization for Release of Medical Information.

 These forms may be obtained from the teachers or health unit coordinators, or you may request them from social workers, psychologists, nurses or Child Life staff.


Can anyone (hospital staff, parents, family members or visitors) stay in the Hospital School with a patient?

Staff and family members are strongly discouraged from remaining in the classroom or any other area where school may be held. Space is limited in the classroom and if each child brought observers to school, there would be no room for students and teachers. Students' independence is encouraged and some students actually demonstrate better behavior and study skills when family members are not present.

Can preschool, college students, siblings or school-aged parents attend the Hospital School?

The Hospital School is only available to patients receiving treatment at American Family's Children's Hospital and UW Hospital and Clinics who are enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Can my pediatric patient borrow a laptop computer?

Computers are available for loan for educational purposes, to responsible students who are in isolation or who need them for schoolwork in the evenings or on weekends.


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