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The Accounts Payable department receives vendor invoices and matches invoices with purchase orders to authorize payments. Members of Accounts Payable review and answer vendor and department questions relating to expenses.


Where can I send questions?

Please contact Accounts Payable through the Accounts Payable mailbox at fiscalap@uwhealth.org, the department phone number at (608) 265-2627 or directly to the accounts payable staff (see Accounts Payable staff assignments).

Where are vendors supposed to send invoices?

To the Bill To Address on the PO:

Dept of Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 5448
Madison, WI 53705-5448

I received an email about items not received. What does this mean? Can I still receive in the items?

Typically when items are physically received at UWHC, an online receipt is entered into the PeopleSoft system.  If an online receipt is not in the system when the invoice is entered, the email is generated. This gives you an opportunity to check whether the items have been received. A receipt should not be entered at this point. 

What should I do with my packing slip when I receive items at my location?

If the items are delivered to you by UW Health couriers or University Hospital Receiving staff, the electronic receipt of the items has already been accomplished and you do not need to do anything further with the packing slips. If the items are delivered by other means (FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, etc.), please note on the packing slips if all the items listed have been physically received and also complete one of the following three options:

  1. Fax packing slips to (608) 890-6605 (University Hospital Receiving).
  2. Scan and email packing slips to Receiving@uwhealth.org
  3. Send packing slips via interdepartmental mail to University Hospital Receiving at mail code 1515 (this option may not meet monthly deadlines if near the end of the month). Contact Adam Lindquist, Receiving Supervisor, (608) 263-5396 or ALindquist@uwhealth.org with questions.

I received a worklist reminder email stating I have items on my worklist. What does this mean and what do I do? 

You are receiving a worklist reminder email if you have invoices and/or requisitions to approve. You will receive a reminder twice daily for any pending approvals. Quick guides are available on the Accounts Payable and Procurement U-Connect page (PeopleSoft e-Requisition Quick Guide - Approvers, Peoplesoft Invoice Approval Quickguide (UWHC)

I received an invoice to approve for a project, but don’t know what the project is and don’t believe I should approve.  

An item on your worklist can be left in “pending” status while you research the invoice. The purchase order number is provided on the approval tab.  The project number is on the charge info tab and there is a link to an image of the invoice on the doc links tab. If you determine an invoice should not be paid, please enter comments in the Worklist Comments section on the Approval tab and click Recycle to send the voucher back to Accounts Payable. 

What is a credit and why is it on my worklist?

A credit memo/invoice can be the result of returning an item or a vendor billing error. If you return an item and ask for a replacement, a vendor may issue a credit and rebill with a new invoice. Sending a credit through workflow provides the approver confirmation that they did receive the credit and for the correct amount.    

How does a multi-year blanket order PO affect my budget? 

Your budget is an estimate for services and/or product required to operate your cost center and a purchase order does not change your budget. The purchase order is the document that indicates types, quantities and agreed-upon prices for products or services. It should match the amount of the contract and is necessary to be kept up-to-date for invoices to be paid. 

How much have I spent on my blanket order PO?

Any requisition requestor or approver can view how much has been spent on a PO. You must know the PO or the requisition number. 

What should I do if I’m contacted by a vendor regarding payment?  

You can forward any vendor to A/P via phone at (608) 265-2627 or email at fiscalap@uwhealth.org. If they are inquiring as to where to submit an invoice, they can email invoices to fiscalap@uwhealth.org or mail to:

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
Accounts Payable
PO Box 5448
Madison, WI 53705

How and when do I add additional funds to a blanket order PO?

Additional funds are added to blanket orders by submitting an e-requisition. An email notification is sent by the Procurement department when payments on a blanket order have reached 75% of the amount for which it was written. Please start the process of submitting a requisition for a change order to blanket order PO at this time. When funds are not added, and there are not sufficient funds left on the PO to pay invoices, an email will be initiated by the Accounts Payable system warning that invoices cannot be paid, and that action is required. 


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