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Requesting a Volunteer

Requesting a Volunteer - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Volunteer Services


If your department is interested in starting a long-term volunteer program, please contact the department at 263-6046 or via e-mail at volunteer.services@uwhealth.org

You will be asked to write a volunteer position description. Once your volunteer position description is received in the department, the position will be included in our program listing provided to prospective volunteers, will be listed on the hospital's Website. 

Volunteer Requirements 

Volunteers must attend a general orientation including training on safety, infection control, confidentiality and patient privacy and diversity. Prospective volunteers must complete an application packet that includes a criminal background check, must be approved by Employee Health and receive an annual TB skin test and obtain a photo ID badge. The Volunteer Services department coordinates this process for each volunteer and works to ensure that volunteer records are up to date to comply with hospital policy.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers at UWHC are assigned to specific volunteer positions in the hospital and clinics. Therefore, it is very difficult to find a volunteer for a one-time duty.