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Transplant Time Study

Transplant Time Study - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Transplant


Transplant time studies are used by our financial department to complete the Medicare Cost Report. Our Medicare reimbursement relies on the documentation we submit through these time studies.

Please make every effort to complete them promptly.

Accessing and using the Time Study

Video Help: Transplant Time Study

 Hint: Select Full Screen Icon (Wistia) to watch in full-screen mode.

Help Procedural: Transplant Time Study

1 Log into U-Connect with your workstation login credentials.

Within U-Connect, select Quick Links and then Transplant Time Study. 

Result: The Transplant Time Study opens, with two categories of studies: Unfinished Studies and Finished Studies. You can only record time in Unfinished Studies.

Example: Links to Unfinished Studies 

Transplant Time Study: Available Studies


Select an unfinished study link.

Result: A time entry page displays, with three categories in which you can record time: Pre-Transplant, Post-Transplant and Other.

Example: Pre-Transplant Time Entry fields.

Transplant Time Study: Time Entry


Record your hours in any of the available fields. As you do, the Total Hours field reflects your time entry.

Note: Record your time in .25-hour increments.


  • You can save your work at any time by selecting the Save button.
  • Record vacation, sick, holiday and on-call times in the Other category. 

When you are finished with the time study, select Save and Complete.

Warning: Once you select Save and Complete, you cannot return to this time study.