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Special Patient Population Calls

Special Patient Population Calls - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Transplant, Oncall



Kidneys – Unless it is a simple call such as a med refill, redirect calls to Drs. Bartosh, Roach or Redpath they really prefer to take these calls.

Liver – Screen call and answer if you are comfortable. If you need help with call, call Outpatient Liver Fellow or surgeon.

Liver/Intestine – Screen call and answer if you are able. AMD is always willing to help if he is available, otherwise refer to Outpatient Fellow.

Newly discharged patients – Answer the call as usual.

If related to discharge medication help the patient get through to B4/6 Pharmacy (3-7229).

If related to discharge supplies help the patient get in contact with B4/6 (3-8737).

If a patient is newly discharged and has a major concern such as fever, severe pain, drain issue, notify the outpatient fellow and see if there are any additional recommendations.

If Diabetes related – defer to DMS service (Diabetes Management Service). For urgent calls related to blood sugars/insulin use PAGER 0218.  For non-urgent issues (i.e. diabetes testing supplies) have patient call 263-2416 during normal business hours.

If paging gives you a hard time (this pager number generally meant for inpatient use), you can page them directly and give them the situation and patient contact information and they will call the patient back.  

Donor calls – Screen calls first with paging and verify who the surgeon was. If surgery done by urology team (Moon) the call needs to be redirected to urology fellow. If surgery done by tx surgeon, answer as usual. If problem is significant, make fellow aware.

Patient with NON-functioning transplant – Speak with patient. Assess if they are still actively being followed here. If the call is related to fever, abdominal pain, or hematuria this may be related to the transplanted organ. Assess urgency and triage as usual. If not, they probably need to be talking with their local nephrologists/primary care physician.

HD Access patients – Screen call with paging. If call is related specifically to access, the call should be routed to the nephrology fellow on call.

Pre-liver patients – Screen call with paging. If they are looking for any medical advice, refer them to go through their local team. There is a small number of patients who really only have Musat/Lucey/Said that they are working with. If that is the case, ask paging to put the call through to the GI fellow on call.

Hepatobiliary surgical patients – Our liver transplant surgeons may do liver resections or other surgical procedures on non-transplant patients. Screen call with paging and direct to the liver transplant fellow.

Auto-Islet patients- Calls can be directed to the pancreas fellow.

Patients s/p DVI / IR Procedures -  The routine is that the IR patients are given post procedure instructions and numbers for how to contact IR staff during the day or how to call our IR resident on call. The instructions are tailored to what the patient had done. Specifically, IR staff want to be notified if a patient gets a fever after bili tube change or neph tube change.

Patient with a fever (>/=100.5) related to our procedure can contact the IR on call resident directly through paging. Other problems related to tube function should always be directed to IR. Unless the patient is having fever, chills or uncontrolled pain, most of those calls can wait until regular work hours. The on call MD will not bring in a call team for tube problems in the absence of impending infection or uncontrolled pain.