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CSC Visitor’s Passes

CSC Visitor’s Passes - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Security


UWHC Security assists unit staff in the issuance of after-hours visitor passes to unit approved primary visitors and other visitors according to UWHC policy #7.33 - Guidelines for Participation of Patients’ Primary Supports and Guidelines for Visitors. 

Security, with approval from someone of the patient’s care unit, will write visitors passes for approved primary visitors or temporary day passes for all other visitors. All visitor passes must be approved by unit staff before a visitor pass will be issued. 

All inpatient units are provided with colored “Primary Support Cards” that are completed by unit staff and provided to approved visitors. These “Primary Support Cards” should be completed by unit staff and then given to Primary Supports who will exchange them at Security for an after-hours visitor pass. The visitor pass should be worn on an outer piece of clothing at all times between 9pm and 8am. To assist with after-hours visitor guidelines, Hospital paging makes reminder overhead announcements beginning at 6:30pm every night. Unit staff shares in the responsibility of clearing unauthorized visitors from their area. 

Visitors, not considered “Primary Supports,” arriving at the hospital after 9pm, must stop at the Security Office (E6/206). Security will not allow any after-hours visitor to enter the facility without approval from the unit staff where the patient is being cared for.