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Department of Corrections/Law Enforcement within UWHC

Department of Corrections/Law Enforcement within UWHC - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Security


The Department of Corrections (DOC) has both an inpatient and outpatient program at UWHC. There may be as many as 50-60 custodial patients at the CSC Clinics on any given day that are part of the outpatient program. There are also inpatients housed on the DOC Unit (D4/V6). Occasionally, the DOC will have inpatients that are too sick to be housed in D4/V6. Those patients ultimately end up on other units under the custodial watch of the DOC. Additionally; there are times when various Law Enforcement Agencies have patients in the hospital that require an officer’s presence. In any case where the DOC or a Police Officer are assigned to watch a patient security requests that the unit provide the officer with a “Forensic” brochure and that they notify Security at (608) 890-5555 to advise them that there is a custodial patient on their unit.

Occasionally, police will ask to be notified when a patient of interest is about to be discharged. In most cases there will be a completed “Patient Release Request” form that is part of the patient’s chart. Please notify Security at (608) 890-5555 when it has been determined that the patient of interest is ready for discharge. DO NOT inform the patient that they will be discharged to the police. Security will do their best to facilitate an uneventful discharge of the patient into police custody.