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Concealed Carry Guide

Concealed Carry Guide - Departments & Programs, UW Hospital and Clinics, Security


What is the concealed carry law?

Effective November 1, 2011, individuals who have a valid permit may legally carry loaded, uncased firearms and weapons in public areas and vehicles in Wisconsin, unless in restricted areas. After the law is in effect, UW Hospital and Clinics, UW Medical Foundation and UW (including Department of Family Medicine) will continue to prohibit firearms and weapons in their buildings. For more information, please refer to:

UWHC Security Officers, 890-5555, or Security Director, 890-8840
UWHC Weapons Policy, 4.26
UWMF Prohibited Conduct Policy

What weapons are permitted under the concealed carry law in areas that are not restricted?

Does the law permit concealed carry of weapons in UW Health parking lots and parking ramps?

The concealed carry law permits employees, patients, or others to carry concealed carry weapons in their personal vehicle while in parking lots and parking ramps.

This exception does not apply to UW Health vehicles. Weapons are not permitted in UWHC, UWMF or UW vehicles.

I am a UW Health employee and I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Am I permited to carry a concealed weapon at work?

No. All firearms and weapons are prohibited from UW Health buildings. This policy applies to all UW Health employees, patients and guests.

Does UW Health have a weapons policy that addresses the concealed carry law?

Existing UW, UWHC, and UWMF policies prohibit weapons on the premises. These policies are being updated to address issues that may arise with the concealed carry law.

How are patients and families notified that firearms and weapons are prohibited at UW Health buildings?

Signs are being posted at all entrances at UWHC, UWMF and DFM buildings. The signs read: Firearms and weapons are prohibited in this building.

What do i do if i see someone with a firearm or weapon in a UW Health building?

There is a difference between someone who is carrying a concealed weapon versus someone who is threatening violence (Code Yellow situation, UWHC policy 12.61, off-site UWHC locations, policy 12.62, UWMF Weapons Response Policy). An individual may be carrying a concealed weapon in a non-threatening way. These
individuals are generally law-abiding citizens who may not be aware that concealed firearms and weapons are prohibited within UW Health buildings. 

What should i do if a critical patient presents with a weapon?

If a critical patient presents in the CSC and has a firearm or weapon, call security. To avoid accidental discharge, only persons who are trained and have valid permits should handle firearms and electric weapons. An officer will remove the weapon and secure it. If a critical patient arrives at any of the outpatient clinics, provide appropriate care and call 911 for EMS transport as needed. To prevent accidental discharge of firearm or other unintended injury, clinic staff will not attempt to remove, handle or otherwise manipulate weapons in any manner.

What should i do if a non-critical patient presents with a weapon?

If a non-critical patient attempts to enter the CSC with a firearm or weapon, contact Security at 263-7065, and an officer will speak to the individual about the policy. Registration and/or medical treatment will be delayed until a Security officer responds. An individual who has a valid permit should take the firearm or weapon to their personal vehicle. UW Health cannot prohibit loaded, uncased guns in personal vehicles in parking lots or parking garages. A Security Officer will ensure the firearm or weapon is secured in a vehicle.

If the individual cannot store their firearm or weapon in their vehicle (for example, they were dropped off or arrived by bus), Security will offer an alternative or they will have to reschedule their appointment. If a person becomes disruptive or refuses to cooperate with staff or Security, staff should call 911.

At all other UW Health buildings, notify a manager or supervisor. This person will advise patient their care will be delayed and/or the patient will be turned away until the firearms and/or weapons are removed from the building and secure.

If a patient/family member tries to give me their firearm or weapon, should i take it?

No. UW Health will generally not store firearms or weapons and staff should refuse to handle firearms or weapons. In some situations where clinically necessary at UWHC, security can assume temporary possession of weapons. No others should handle or accept possession of weapons.

To avoid accidental discharge, only persons who are trained and have valid permits should handle firearms and tasers. The patient or visitor will need to take his or her own firearm or weapon from the building.

What if a person refuses to leave the building and the situation begins to escalate?